Is he sensitive or manipulative? Or am I a bitch?

I told my boyfriend how in therapy I realized why I'm so depressed. I lived my whole life a virgin saving my self for marriage and I want to date seriously and we kind of aren't so I have been sad within myself and depressed (low self esteem) he knows I was religious when we met So anyway he had... Show More

Oh and by the way he kept saying for me that he internalized it because he can't tell or hit me since that's what you normally do to unleash your anger wen someone upsets u

O.o I asked you to pick up breakfast you didn't I got annoyed and you got mad enough to wanna hit me?

I'm missing something right

I repeated that to him he just shrugged and said that's jus how he is

He went out last night to a party and hasn't hit me up since usually he says good night or good morning but nope nothing
Omg *yell

Sorry for typos

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  • Saying that your sex life with him is the root cause of your depression may not make him feel very good about things.

    • I clarified its not my sex life but the decisions I make. If you decide to be vegan and u, because of your being caught up with your friends, haven't been practicing that you might get depressed because you haven't been true to yourself.

      It's nothing against your friends they didn't put a gun to your head just like my boyfriend didn't either.

      I was just confiding in him that I was disappointed in myself and in turn it has been a contributing factor to my depression.

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    • Even if I were to leave him. Where do I go to find someone who wants a family as much as I do? I thought saving myself was enough to show how serious I am I want to fall in love and be loved

      Ik I'm young but I have lived a full life I took care of my mom for years ik how to work and sustain myself and another person I'm about to get my own place I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

      I want to be happy and true to myself

    • I have. Been trying to be loyal and supportive of my boyfriend but I am disappointed to say I think we want different things which I think he wanted all along and just wanted to lose his virginity

      I may be wrong he may love me but I don't believe it is as much as he even thinks. Because true love he would honor what I want and even if he didn't believe in marriage he wouldn't make me feel like I'm pressuring him I'm being honest and have been since day 1

      He knew what it's always been