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How to cope with deep, unending sadness?

Hey ladies and gents. Before I delve too deeply I want you to understand something. What this question is referring to is that type of sadness that... Show More


*Plz let's keep this going :)*
I was really hoping to see more replies here. Come on, isn't anyone else sad or feeling generally bummed?

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  • everyone feels sad or some feelings of life being a somewhat neverending battle against forces we can't defeat.

    I think the difference is in how you process that feeling. Part of the feeling is what makes us as humans fight back, sort of a determination to not be defeated. Part of that feeling is also necessary so we can truly appreciate joy and happiness. Without sadness there is no happiness as both each is a feeling that only exists in comparison to the other. sadness is a necessary reminder that you are alive and so you can appreciate happiness

    me I just try to put everything in perspective. that my life could be worse. I take stock in the joys in my life and the ways in which I am advantaged. I consider the growing disadvantaged in my country and aroudn the world and actually feel a sense of guilt that could even actually feel all that bad about my life. There are women in africa who's genitals are mutilated so they engender no pleasure from sex, a massive sex trade of adolescent women in india, children and families in syria who are being systematically slaughtered daily... so I ask myself is my pain and sadness as significant? It's not to say that I can't be sad but I have options and outlets where as a lot of people simply don't

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  • I do have sadness within and I deal with it through writing poetry and letting be but of course I don't dwell on it for long just a minute or sometimes two

  • Thoughts are just thoughts not reality. I know of a lot of people that have a deep seated feeling of unhappiness. I think it is a form of depression. Depression is not necessarily something that is constant it can come and go and anxiety is a deep seated gutted type of feeling again a form of unhappiness and uneasiness. My son has thoughts that scare him he has OCD. Don't know if this helps.

    • But our thoughts is what makes our realities real.. and unique!

      Most thoughts is a gathering of intel based on experiences we have and then interpreted in to feelings.

      Without them we are nobody.

    • Yes that's right but you have to control your thoughts. In a sense of knowing they are just thoughts. We cannot allow wrong or negative thoughts to control our actions!

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