Talking about his ex alot.

My boyfriend of only one month talks about his ex a lot - negatively. He says how crazy she is, how rude and disrespectful she is, how she calls and texts him still and it pisses him off, how she slept with so many guys while they were together (they dated for almost 2 years), and all this... Show More

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  • Sounds to me like he just isn't completely over her and obviously still thinks about her often, even if just in a bad way. The guy I'm currently dating does the same thing. He dated his ex for 3 years and she cheated on them and that's why they broke up. He always says she "ruined his life" but claims that he is completely over her. He also says she messages him on Facebook all the time asking for money, yet he won't block her... If I were you I would just ask him if he is over her and see what he says.

    • I have, and he gets VERY serious and says he definitely is. "I don't love her anymore, but she'll always be in my heart. Just like your ex will always be in yours. There's no romantic feelings of course. I still care about the girl as a person." She's causing a lot of drama though. Following me on every social media etc. It's making him really mad. I feel like just telling him to figure things out first, then we'll see how it goes with us? ..

    • If you feel like that is the right action to take, and it sounds like it is I would go for it. Sounds like he needs some time to sort his situation out before entering another relationship.