Talking about his ex alot.

My boyfriend of only one month talks about his ex a lot - negatively.

He says how crazy she is, how rude and disrespectful she is, how she calls and texts him still and it pisses him off, how she slept with so many guys while they were together (they dated for almost 2 years), and all this negative junk. I talk about my ex as well, but it seems he does it in a way to show me how much better I am..if that makes sense.

He always ends it saying something like "Ahh I'm so sorry for bringing her up again... it just makes me appreciate you a million times more. Know that if I were to compare her to you, you'd always come out on top"

He says he won't block her number because he's scared of her, and how crazy and psychotic she can get (she almost killed herself for him or something).

But why does he do this?


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  • Sounds to me like he just isn't completely over her and obviously still thinks about her often, even if just in a bad way. The guy I'm currently dating does the same thing. He dated his ex for 3 years and she cheated on them and that's why they broke up. He always says she "ruined his life" but claims that he is completely over her. He also says she messages him on Facebook all the time asking for money, yet he won't block her... If I were you I would just ask him if he is over her and see what he says.

    • I have, and he gets VERY serious and says he definitely is. "I don't love her anymore, but she'll always be in my heart. Just like your ex will always be in yours. There's no romantic feelings of course. I still care about the girl as a person." She's causing a lot of drama though. Following me on every social media etc. It's making him really mad. I feel like just telling him to figure things out first, then we'll see how it goes with us? ..

    • If you feel like that is the right action to take, and it sounds like it is I would go for it. Sounds like he needs some time to sort his situation out before entering another relationship.


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  • Hes not over her, he still has feelings for her regardless of what he tells you, he needs to slag her off to try and make him feel better for not still being with her, but you need to put a stop to this, because he should be making you his main talk topic, not his ex,x

    • I talk about my ex to him a lot too though. Yet I know I'm completely over him? Hmm, who knows. He doesn't ALWAYS talk about her, only when she tries something. We both talk about our exes and how much they hurt us freely. But yeah, we both need to stop..:/

  • Your guys is still hung up on his ex. Not that he necessarily wants her back but seems like he is not completely over her. You should be blunt and talk to him about it and how you feel. Its not a good thing to do in a new relationship. I've been there.

    • I talked to him about it. and he said it's time to move on and that he has no feelings whatsoever and whatnot. He said he is completely over her and doesn't love her anymore. Everytime he talks about her this anger overcomes him and he looks SO mad, because she has done an incredible amount of damage to him. And I understand it will take a while for that damage to heal...

    • Well it is good you talked to him. It might sooth him if you assure him that you are not her and that you won't hurt him like she did. Being a guy myself that has been scared by a vindictive bizznatch it is assuring that the person you are now with won't hurt you. Good luck and always remember to lookout for yourself first and be safe in your relationship.

  • He`s still crazy about her! (and full of shit).



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  • He's 100% not over what happen.. I won't say not over her specifically but he hasn't had enough time to take it all in and really let it go.

  • I hate to sound rude here, but you two might be still be fairly young to be handling all of this. I say the ball is in HIS court to put a stop to this drama. He is making a choice by keeping contact with her to spoil both your peace & happiness along with his.

    He has to cut her off, block her everywhere, no excuses.