How do I make him go away?

There's this guy that likes me, not being conceded, he just makes it veryyy obvious. I've sent the long text gently letting him down and he didn't text me for a few days. But then he said he wasn't going to hold a grudge and wanted to be friends. Which I was cool with. Then he started flirting again. I thought maybe he is just one of those stupid guys that doesn't know how to talk to a girl without flirting, so I let it go and just didn't flirt back. Then he started getting creepy like saying he looks at my picture every day (my profile pic on fb, I never sent him one) and saying he wanted to come visit me at college (which is a two and half hour drive). I told him that he wasn't making me uncomfortable and that didn't do any good. So I've resorted to just not replying to his texts. Although he will send it two more times and when that doesn't work he just texts me 8 hours later asking how my day was or saying "good night beautiful." This has been going on for two weeks now. I just want him to go away! I feel like I've tried everything and been upfront. Anyone have other ideas of how to get this kid to leave me alone?


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  • Unfortunately, only changing your number may help. Unless someone comes out with an text message blocking feature (Why isn't this standard on every phone? Insane!) he may continue to hound you.

    If you do change your number, and you see him again- and he acts angry, like he has a right to text you- it is time for a restraining order. You should carry pepper spray on you anyway, so consider doing it if you don't already.

    If you choose to carry pepper spray, buy two bottles, one for your keychain or purse, and the other to practice on. Practice hitting a paper plate tacked to a tree trunk, with a bullseye on it, so you know how to get his eyes. Sorry, but this is a messed up world we live in. If you were mine I'd teach you to use a subcompact handgun. (I carry a pistol and several magazines of ammunition with me every day.)


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  • Ask him: "Why are you saying goodnight to me and telling me I', beautiful? I've told you I don't like you that way, so why are you still trying to flirt? Me and you will not happen, so stop wasting your time and try finding another girl"

  • you have a stalker on your hands, it would be best for you to change your number, then, in your Face book settings, you can block him to keep from getting in your page as well as seeing any of your posts. If he knows where you live, it may be wise for you to either move, or go to the Police and file a complaint and they will go pay him a visit.

  • He seems persevering. Instead of sending the text again. Talk to him


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  • Tell him in no uncertain terms that you do not wish to hear from him again and to stop contacting you. You need to be VERY direct. Some times gentleness and hints don't work.

    If that doesn't work then block him