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Why do so many guys like Asian girls?

Why do so many guys like Asian girls?

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  • Asian girls, particularly indian girls, are often very beautiful and, to a white guy like me, slightly mysterious. I had an indian girlfriend for about 2 years when I was at university, and she was so amazing looking that she used to make my head spin. She got so much grief from her family (particularly her brothers, who were a pain in the ****) about me that we eventually had to split. Younger asian girls tend to be a bit crazy, especially when they get the first taste of freedom away from the family unit. When they've grown up a bit they are lovely, though.

What Guys Said 6

  • Some men prefer a certain race of women. Its just a personal choice.

  • They tend to be more submissive and that is why a lot of guys like them. I personally Like a women that has a backbone and will stand up for herself.

    • What! This is not the reason nor the case.

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    • Ah, I see. Fair enough. You've based it on your experiences. But I hope it won't give you a general idea that all Asians are so and so. You haven't found the "real exotic" ones yet. Lol ;

    • I know they are all not the same but it's just what I have seen.

  • why do so many guys like white girls?

    The answer. BECAUSE GUYS LIKE GIRLS. doesn't matter who most of the time. everyone has a preference, but it usually isn't race based. why shouldn't they like asians?

  • Just a guess, but I would say it's definitely it's a fetish. It may also be that they look younger, have smaller bodies that make them look younger and guys are perverted like that. But there are a lot of beautiful asian women. But it's definitely a fetish or fantasy. Same thing with white girls that have a fantasy with a black guy.

  • I think it's because men like submissive women, at least guys who don't have a backbone (since it's seems a lot of nerdy guys like asians, and specifically date them). I just find it weird that guys go for a certain race. To me it seems wrong. I try to look more for personality and if they are cute, and there are good looking people of all races. For me that doesn't matter. If they girl I like is white or black or asian, it doesn't matter to me, it matters what their personality is like, and I think some guys just go for certain races for the wrong reasons.

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  • It's called a fetish. It kind of sucks for the rest of us, huh?

  • Because Asian women are exotic and most of them are tame and easy to boss around! Men feel stronger when they are with Asian women! Men are scared of women with liberal minds. They feel like they will be swallowed alive! hahaha!

    • I disagree. I'm asian and I don't like being bossed around. I may be exotic and tame, but I do have a wild side. you cannot just judge asians generally as submissive, easy-to-control girls.

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    • Uhhhhhhh, I think it's obvious that you haven't been aroung many asian women......................

    • White girls are easy to boss around

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