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Should guys shave their armpits?

Should guys shave their armpits?

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  • I just just talking about this last night with a few friends. I think it is up to the guy. Some guys think that is a feminine thing to do, and some guys feel more comfortable with them shaved. To me, it makes no preference. I'd rather it not be out of control, but it's normal for guys to have hair under their arms, so I don't necessarily prefer shaved armpits.

What Girls Said 4

  • If their arm pits look like big foots, then yes. If not then its ok to trim them. But to totally shave them is not a good thing. But, to each his own.

  • I think it would creep me out a little bit if I saw a guy with shaved armpits. There is a guy at my job that shaves his legs and he gets made fun of ALL the time. I think women just expect their men to be hairy, at least a little bit at least.

  • What you want for yourself is what's most important, of course, but from a girl's perspective, totally shaved armpits on a guy freak me out a bit, to be honest. Trimmed is fine, as Timeus said, to get rid of the pit-fro, but completely shaved looks strange to me. Unless you're a swimmer or something, which is a different case entirely.

What Guys Said 4

  • I don't think its a very manly thing to do. Seems kind of creepy for guys to shave there!

  • Why not wax your legs while your at it

    seriously, no - you could trim a little if your smuggling chi-a-pets under your arms .

  • It's all a matter of preference. I TRIM so that I don't have that whole pit-fro going. Any body hair should be groomed at least, in my eyes.

  • I'm 20, I shave and I do it for many reasons. I shave because it looks better, virtually no BO, I'm a swimmer and a beach go-er. I also do a lot of outdoor activities and it keeps me cool because, for me, heat build up under my arms. I also shave my chest and stomach too. I also have long hair so it was not the best looking either so I said out with it.

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