How long do you wait for a guy?

(I think I have a few different questions here.) If you've clearly expressed interest in a man and he has expressed interest in you, how long do you... Show More

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  • in response to your first paragraph: while you may have thought you made it clear that you liked him, you have to understand men don't understand subtlety and body language like women do. many men will never see it if it isn't said aloud in plain english. the problem is that what one woman does to flirt another one does who is just being friendly. bottom line: if you haven't straight up told him you like him, don't assume he's aware.

    secondly, yes, guys can take a long time to recover from a breakup but it really varies depending on the person. some guys take days, some take weeks, some take months, some even take years if it was serious.

    why don't you be the one to approach him?