Do people lie or tell the truth when they are drunk?

When I was dating this girl she would only express deep feelings for me when she was drunk. The following day I would mention something she said and she would be like "I don't remember saying that"

Whats the deal? Was she telling the truth? Was she lying?

Was she embarrassed so she said she didn't remember?


Most Helpful Guy

  • When you are drunk, you express your emotions more so then the social norm.

    For example, I might tell a girl I like her when I'm drunk but in any normal situation. I would use my rational mind "Do I know this girl? What constitutes my attraction to her? " etc.

    It doesn't mean anything and you shouldn't look to deep into it. Maybe she was horny and wanted to bone. Yes, at that moment she might've genuinely liked you but when her rational mind kicks in. It construes a different emotion, one with more cognitive feelings. This is why we have "drunk dialing" and the huge regret we have in the morning.

    As far as truth goes, I can lie like no other when I'm drunk (probably better while induced actually).