How do you get away from Mr. Crazy ?

I made the mistake of sleeping one time with a guy who was just a friend. Before this all happened he was pretty cool and we got along. Now I’m starting to see a diff side of him and its scary. I now find out that he's got allot of emotional and possibly mental illness. He seems to think that we are going to end up messing around again or in a relationship when we defiantly are NOT. I’ve tried to be nice and just keep it light and steer this whole mess towards friendship only but he’s not really getting it. I just don't want this ending up being something that gets WAY out of hand. I do have a daughter and my worst nightmare is this ends up getting really crazy and I don’t want her involved in this .I really need to find a way to tell him that I’m not even interested in being friends with him anymore. Any ideas on how to do that without bringing out even more of his psycho side ? Sorry if I sound like a total bitch about this, I’m not trying to be !


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  • I will say that having sex with someone can definitely send a mixed signal, and it sounds like you realize this and accept responsibility.

    That being said, there is no way to keep him away until you tell him directly that you have no interest in continuing any kind of relationship with him. And I do mean ANY.

    If it's to the point that you believe you or your daughter lives are in danger, then letting him know in black and white language that he is no longer allowed to contact you is the only way to ensure he gets the message.

    Trying to be light hearted in this situation will only allow him to "interpret" what you're saying as something else.

    Once you have told him to stay away, if he continues to contact you, you then have legal grounds to apply for a protection order. Law Enforcement agencies have become very responsive to these kinds of scenarios, because it is well known that these kind of fall outs can lead to someone being harmed.

    If your words are not enough to keep him away, then his being escorted from your residence in hand irons every time he arrives will get it across.

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      Great advice.