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What's his deal? My boyfriend is acting like a douche bag.

My boyfriend An I have been doing pretty good,but he is going to navy boot camp.So he asked me to wait for him and of coarse I said yes.But yesterday,he called me wile I'm on vacation and basically like broke up with me.When I asked why,he said its because 9 months is a long time and he wouldn't be able to see me.He said that he really wanted to be with me,but it would be easier if we took a break wile he was gone..This really hurt me..After talking about it for about an hour,i found out that his friend that he's been living with had put him up to it and told him it was a good idea to just break up(btw,his friend has been tellin me to break up w/him kuz I can do better).So My boyfriend ended up changing his mind and he told me that he was so sorry for calling me and hurting me and that he made mistake and wants to be with me.So I was happy and he was obviously really sorry.But then when I asked him why he had even broken up w/me,he told me that he wasn't sure if he really loved me,but that he was pretty sure he did,and that was kinda clingy.and like wtf,he was the one that first said I love you,and he said he liked clingy girls!So then we started talking about how things where gonna be kinda different when he got back,and he pretty much told me that I should tone up cause I'm kinda "Pudgy" but that I'm not fat at all.And then he started getting all down because he felt like a huge ass hole for saying that and he was saying sorry and all that..and then he started asking me to tell him all the things I hated about him...wtf!SOME ONE HELP ME..I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HIS DEAL IS OR WHAT HES DOING! SHOULD I BE WAITING FOR HIM? :(

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  • hes going thru a a lot of sh*t right now idk what to tell you tho but when I got to the usmc I will want to be left alone

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