String women along?

Why do men string women along and hurt them, I mean do they go into a relationship wanting to do this? Why do some men do it over and over again? I'm not guy bashing but just players


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  • I'm sort of an ex-player, and with me I was just doing what me "role models" wanted me to do. Some men just want sex, others want to show off that they can have sex with many women. I myself just didn't care about their feelings, I had a girl who did it to me so I just did the same to other women.

    It wasn't till I was older that I realized that I was just feeding into a horrible cycle of people hurting one another.

    But sometimes it wasn't as if I intended to string them along or hurt them, I just didn't think about how they might have been thinking about my interactions with them. I'm not trying to pass the buck or anything but you really have to think if the guy feels the same way about you or is just in it for himself.

    Some guys will actually treat you like your someone special to them and build you up to be their girlfriend and then turn around and dump you once they get what they want or when they get "tired" of you. Those guys are just in it for themselves and are sometimes hard to spot, I think women are really good at doing that, and sometimes you just get burned, the important thing to remember is if someone burns you and you burn someone else your just feeding into a cycle of pain and fire that may one day set our world ablaze. So its important to just nurse your wounds and let go and if your have the ability try to heal others... even if it won't benefit you.