What does out of league mean?

A little explanation is appreciated. Thanks.


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  • It means that either you think someone is too good for you (for example, for a guy who is not confident and has poor social skills wants to date a Victoria's Secret model, he would probably talk himself out of it by saying she's out of his league). Usually, these are imposed by unwritten rules of society, but they can ALL be overcome, and the good news is you don't actually need money or status to do so. You will need to change your mindset though, and the way you view the world/yourself. Because at first glance, yes, it will SEEM to be about your status or how popular you are, but again, you CAN transcend the "league" crap with a little self-improvement. Feel free to get ahold of me if you have questions, since I can't fit it all into this little space.


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  • When you are out of someone's league, it means they are little league, and you are major league.

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  • It just means that they're way too good for you. Whether it be from status or looks.


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  • it means that one person is in one group and someone else is in a higher/better group. so if someone says to a you, "i'm out of your league" that's them telling you that they are too good for you.

  • someone is too good for you