Do guys like blond hair better?

My question is do guys really like blondes better and what attracts boys to them?


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  • One thing you may not be thinking about is that men RARELY notice details. Women care a lot more about their own hair than a guy does, as long as you are presentable and take care of yourself, you will be attractive to the opposite sex. Remember that men and women think differently, a man is more visually charged while a woman is more emotionally charged. My advice is to work on being a fun, interesting person because there are a lot of pretty faces out there, but not too many folks who have their lives together. Confidence in yourself is the most attractive trait a person can have. So to answer... It depends on the girl. Have fun, blonde or not, cuzz that what blondes are supposedly famous for and a bit of enjoyment can go a long way, Kyle

    • Good fella,

      I really like your answer. And you know your stuff HIGH5.

      good for you. And I wish youwell

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  • I've never liked blondes all that much. I rarely think any of them are attractive, and I don't know any dudes who are especially fond of blondes either. No one is really obsessed with hair color to a point where they only like girls with that hair color.

    • Hmm. This makes the off-the-wall part of my brain contemplate dying my hair orange of the advantages to being a blonde is that it takes some colors very well (I've just got enough red to make some really weird...)

  • The truth is no...we like women, hair color is often irrelevant. More importantly, some guys like curled hair, others like straight, some like long or short. The actual color is irrelevant in my mind, how she shows it and her personality or the most important.

  • It doesn't matter that much but for me I just got addicted to blondes

  • I don't care what the hair color is as long as its shiny and soft.

  • BLONDES are brighter, hotter, show stoppers.. Guys like arm makes them feel like a certified king, so blondes with big boobs get all the guys..stating a fact...dont be mad brunettes, blacks, and reds =)...also blonde represents CLASS..Manhattan, NY, LA, and Orange County are all stuck up blondes with rich CEOs..blonde is expensive to keep up, so right away you know the person must have some sort of the rich men only want blondes,so it just socially constructs people to think their superior..hope that helps

    • I think that it's very funny that you think that you speak for every man; as if diversity doesn't exist in your world. I've known plenty of guys who aren't attracted to blonds.

    • Haha ya I know haze85. lol.

  • No, not all guys like blond hair. But then again, everyone has his own likings, so saying that "every guy likes blondes" or vice versa is stupid. I, on my part, like more other hair colors (with a love for red), than blond. And if it's not natural, that's when it makes me "dislike" it, because it's too common and boring (to me, always). I of course, mean no offense to blond girls, I just wanted to say my opinion. For me, as a guy, a girl's hair is one of the first external characteristics I notice to a girl. (Character is what matters most, in the end anyway :) )

    I also noticed a girl saying that she was a blond and that if someone says that they don't like blondes they are lying. Well, only thing I'll say is that you, my dear, prove blond jokes correct. Sorry :P


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  • I've had different hair colors and I do think guys notice blondes more often. But, after the first impression, they don't necessarily like them better. I think it's because the media portrays blondes as sexier and more fun.

    • You are so right. The media brain wash the american men since 40's big boob and blonde. You know.

      and it just like they said about asian women: cook and clean. I am an asian, I'll tell you what! HELL NO!

  • I'm a blonde.. I love my haircolor and anybody who says they don't like being blonde.. lied.

    Its an all around fun color. But I mean.. it looks bad on some people and guys don't care only about hair color ;)

    • Wow that was stupid I know some girls that absolutely hate being blonde for various reasons

  • All the guys I know like blonds...most of them are swell-headed...anyway it depends on the guy.

  • i am a BLONDE- a natural. some months ago I had the wish to dye my hair brown cause to me it seemed like guys preffered brunettes so much more and that blondes look dumb in their eyes

    Also I am so mad about the overall image blondes have- if you're a blond you must be easy, bigboobs, dumb and sluty. that's also the reason I wanted to dye my hair.

    But then suddenly I heard people embracing my hair and comen ting on it how extremely beautiful it was. so the wish died off.

    During a project with people across the world everyone gave me good comments on how shinmy and extrordinary my hair looked.

    and I usually prove to the guys that I am no stereotype blond.

    im apretty tough nut youknow.i don't give up easily . and I hope that someday the image of blondes changes!

  • Just a preference.. You can tell a lot about a guy by the type of girl he's into.