Does he really hate me? :(

Me and my ex had been going out for a year up until this past Saturday. We have had a rocky relationship from the beginning but there is no doubt in my mind that he did fall in love with me. Over the course of our relationship we have had COUNTLESS break ups, all of them initiated by him. He never wanted to be in the relationship to begin with but at the same time couldn't let me go. Every break up was a bad one but at the same time I was pretty sure we would get back together. This one that happened a few days ago is different. We had a physical fight, I hit him, he tossed me around, he told me he hated me and wouldn't care even if I died. He threw all of my things out into the hall of his dorm and called his RA to kick me out, all of this at four am. Since then I have made a complete fool of myself in front of him and his friends trying to get him to talk to me. Even after all this, he still says yes when I ask him if he loves me. But he says it doesn't matter, he doesn't want me in his life at all and he will soon forget about me and stop loving me. Does he mean it? We were very much in love... I could feel it... I was incredibly good to him and he knows it. With time can we be friends? Can I get him back?

BTW, this wasn't a casual relationship. We were living together, had me spend three weeks at home with him and his family in the Dominican Republic, we were always together. Whenever we spent time apart we talked for hours every day.
He has deleted all of his pictures that have me in them off of Facebook but he hasn't deleted me as a friend so I know he still wants to check up on me.