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Does he really hate me? :(

Me and my ex had been going out for a year up until this past Saturday. We have had a rocky relationship from the beginning but there is no doubt in... Show More

BTW, this wasn't a casual relationship. We were living together, had me spend three weeks at home with him and his family in the Dominican Republic, we were always together. Whenever we spent time apart we talked for hours every day.
He has deleted all of his pictures that have me in them off of Facebook but he hasn't deleted me as a friend so I know he still wants to check up on me.

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  • Maybe he's confused right now. Or he's probably just really angry at you for the fight and he might just be saying that kind of like holding a grudge. I think when he gets over being mad at you he will probably be saying something else. BTW I went to job corps too!

  • For him to say he wouldn't care if you died, that's the worse thing you could ever tell someone you claim you love even if he was angry, a person who trully loved you would never say such a thing. However, you obviously will look over that since love is blind. I'm just saying the way he talked to you is not good at all and yall already had a physical fight. What is this telling you hon? Just don't be surprise if it continues since you want him back, but it is clear that the man don't want to be with you anymore. He is doing every mean thing he can to show the disrespect he has for you. He did that before and after yall broke up so you already know how he feels about you and its not you that he hates. He's just a mean-hearted abusive person. he would have done that to another Girlfriend he broke up with. how I know that? Just by his actions. The things he said to you when you know you been good to them. So don't you feel bad about yourself becuase of the Facebook thing. If he really hated you, he would have deleted you but he wants you to be hurt by him deleting your pics. its a game to him. If I were you, I would not play it and delete him. But if you just really got to have him in your life, then play it.

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