How do you deal with someone that has really hurt you?

In any way whatsoever. How do you deal with that?

Do you find it easy to forgive? Or do you forgive?

Can you move on, or will you avoid the person forever?

How did you get over it to get on with life?

Okay, sorry to everyone that has answered already. This is a hypothetical question. I'm asking what You do when someone hurts You. It's not because I can't forgive anyone specific. Please answer with that in mind and, if you want, give your examples.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Basically once a guy hurts me, I lose the trust and security in him. It would take many things for him to do to prove that he's worth another chance, emotional and mental things, money or any gifts wouldn't buy me back. However if I notice myself wasting time on him when he isn't trying to recover what he's done, I'd quit forever, because I hate when someone plays with my emotions (it's just when I really like the guy), once his personalty is figured, there's no point to re-figure it. For relationship or any type of friendship to work, trust is number one thing. It's just about the effort second party puts to repay what he/she's done.

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      Very good answer. You're right - no amount of money can ever truly buy trust back. For the shallow people that think it can, they're deluding themselves. That isn't trust they're giving - it's just a license to manipulate. Trust is ESENTIAL for a relationship of any kind to work, so that must be kept. Here's another thought for you, though - if you REALLY like a guy, and he makes little to no effort to gain your trust back, is he really worth it? Does he really respect you?

      Very nice answer. :)