How can I get a guy to notice me when I'm very shy?

Well I have my crush in 2 class but I don't know how to talk to him since I'm a very shy person plus he doesn't even know I exist I need help.


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  • Leave/forget your watch, pen and paper at home, sit near to him in the classes and ask him how late it is, if you can borrow pen and paper, good for a smile when receiving and when handing pen & paper back. Do that a few times and he'll know you exist. Up to you to say some sentences more, IDK, about the weather, the classes, the teacher...

    • Sitting near him in class is a good idea. Forgetting pen/paper at home is a good idea for a couple of times- don't do it too often, of course, or he'll think less of you. Make eye contact for an extra second. That generally helps. Get caught staring.

      Talking about the teacher is a bit of a bad idea- I suggest talking about a movie you're going to see, then ask him if he wants to go see it with you.

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  • just strike up any kind of random conversation even if you have to tell him you don't understand somthing and let me give you some advise any time you think that someone thinks your invisible they know your not for sure.

  • i may have this problem ..just be yourself or talk 2 him and see if you have somthing in common that you can share..i know the feeling of being shy but sometimes you just have 2 do what you have to do