I am a fat, balding, middle-aged lonely white-guy (that's heavily in debt), should I:

a) kill myself

b) suck it up and learn to enjoy my two best friends; my dog and my computer.

c) pretend to have feelings for others (when I don't).

d) go to that website for Thai girls and order me an Asian hottie?

e) none of the above

f) other

Thanks to all of you who were generous enough to respond. You all made good points. Being alone and isolated can be a bitch but it's not insurmountable. I hope you all go on to find happiness and endless fulfillment in the relationships you choose.


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  • well, what you could do is get on your computer, download some upbeat music, upload it to an MP3 player, and take your dog for a nice walk at least three days out of the week for half an hour. That'll help you lose weight, if that's bothering you.

    balding has two options: just shave it all off and pull off that bald look (which can be very sexy) or you can buy some rogaine and grow some of it back.

    idk if you're working or not, but maybe you can get a weekend job or sell some unwanted stuff around your house on Amazon, eBay or half.com. you'll earn some extra cash that way (by the way, we're all heavily in debt my friend, so you don't stand alone lol).

    last but not least, feel a little better about yourself. go get a hobby of some sort. try to write or read. go volunteer at an elderly home or a shelter. get to know some people who are volunteering and people who need help. go to church on sundays or at least try and find a place where you can seek solace (I like sitting at the pier or going to the library). don't be so hard on yourself.

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      By the way, suicide is never the answer to anything. nobody wants you to go like that and you shouldn't choose to live or die. let life happen and deal with it as it comes. when life gives you lemons, you don't make suicide threats, you trade them for limes and make mojitos!