I am a fat, balding, middle-aged lonely white-guy (that's heavily in debt), should I:

a) kill myself

b) suck it up and learn to enjoy my two best friends; my dog and my computer.

c) pretend to have feelings for others (when I don't).

d) go to that website for Thai girls and order me an Asian hottie?

e) none of the above

f) other

Thanks to all of you who were generous enough to respond. You all made good points. Being alone and isolated can be a bitch but it's not insurmountable. I hope you all go on to find happiness and endless fulfillment in the relationships you choose.


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  • well, what you could do is get on your computer, download some upbeat music, upload it to an MP3 player, and take your dog for a nice walk at least three days out of the week for half an hour. That'll help you lose weight, if that's bothering you.

    balding has two options: just shave it all off and pull off that bald look (which can be very sexy) or you can buy some rogaine and grow some of it back.

    idk if you're working or not, but maybe you can get a weekend job or sell some unwanted stuff around your house on Amazon, eBay or half.com. you'll earn some extra cash that way (by the way, we're all heavily in debt my friend, so you don't stand alone lol).

    last but not least, feel a little better about yourself. go get a hobby of some sort. try to write or read. go volunteer at an elderly home or a shelter. get to know some people who are volunteering and people who need help. go to church on sundays or at least try and find a place where you can seek solace (I like sitting at the pier or going to the library). don't be so hard on yourself.

    • By the way, suicide is never the answer to anything. nobody wants you to go like that and you shouldn't choose to live or die. let life happen and deal with it as it comes. when life gives you lemons, you don't make suicide threats, you trade them for limes and make mojitos!

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  • You should do f) other...get outta the house and try to break out of your shell! You can't meet anybody if your stuck at home all the time on the computer! Go out, make friends, let them set you up with people. OR go on a dating site and see if you can find someone that way.

  • order an asian hottie =D

    --or just put yourself out there and find someone

  • i have an issue when white guys look down on Asian girls like this. Even though I'm half Asian, I think it's just horrible how some guys go back to countries like Thailand and do whatever they want to do because the government is so irresponsible there and encourages prostitution. those are some big issues-immoral and looks bad on both parties/ groups of people

    and as for your choices, I'm sure there are better ways to spend your time.

    • Your story about me is false and hateful.

      Your snide remarks reveal more about you than the story you are attrempting to frame about me.

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    • QA - You said you were a fat, balding middle aged man that's heavily in debt then asked if you should find yourself a thai girl. Why a Thai girl? Why not a girl near you? The way you phrased everything was derogatory towards Asian girls. Think about it.

    • For those of us who are humor impaired, I think he was making a light hearted reference to the existence of "mail order brides." they exist. seriously. and it totally isn't this guys fault. stop taking things so seriously just because you have asian ancestry. he wasn't "looking down" on all asians. and before you come back and say I must be a genocidal lunatic, I'll have you know I love most foreign cultures. you must dislike a lot of comedians

  • 1) go on a HEALTHY low carb diet = meat and tons of veggies

    2) get rogaine or shave your entire head - this actually looks pretty good on balding guys (or at least buzz it SUPER short so it's less obvious)

    3) get more hobbies that make you happy like weightlifting (endorphins) or outdoors things (fresh air and nature) or taking a class (intellectual stimulation) and do them with groups, join more groups that can help you meet women you actually have stuff in common with.

    4) most people have at least some debt - see a free/cheap consumer credit counselor so you're at least DOING something about it, which will make you feel better.

    • Low carbohydrate diets starve your brain of the energy providing nutrients it needs most. Remember, everything in moderation.

    • I just mean he should get his carbs from healthy sources like vegetables instead of junk food like white bread and doritos and candy.

  • i think you should go out to the bar or something an socialize. there has to be something to do where you are. why don't you drive into the city and just find a place to go? or join a forum online and talk to people (kinda like here)

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  • 1.

    plug off your computer, cut your nternet provider


    Get a life.

  • Suck it up, and get an Asian hottie

    enjoy your life man. We don't all get what we want out of life but enjoy what youve got because most people have it much worse. such as the asian hotties who are sold to westen men online.

    live life as full as you can iththe resource you have available

  • f) Other

    You have everything you need to re-invent yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get off your ass and DO something that will change things. Shave your head, get on a diet, go to the gym and in 5 years your whole life will be different.

    Keep the dog. :-)

    Good Luck,


  • I'm a fat balding late-twenty-something white-guy that's slightly in debt.

    I see a few things should be done here:

    1) Seek some therapy. It's extremely helpful to be able to talk to someone, even if you have to pay to do it.

    2) Work out. This won't help you (or me) with balding, but the confidence boost is tremendous. It's been helping me. Just understand the changes take time. You should be able to shed 1-2 pounds a week healthily. Get a trainer or join a workout group if the accountability and routine help you to keep going.

    3) Change your eating habits. Exercise alone won't help you lose weight and gain confidence. Eating unhealthy foods impacts your emotional state as well. Switch to proper portion sizes or healthy foods. That's not to say you can't have ice cream or cake... but remember to eat them in moderation and only occasionally instead of all the time.

    4) There's no guarantee with those "rent a wife" websites that you'll get what you're paying for. They usually end up leaving you after the requisite green card period anyway so your money would have been wasted. Don't do that.

    5) There's nothing wrong with not clicking with someone else. Sometimes we go a long time without finding anyone compatible. However, you won't meet anyone you [could] click with if all you do is sit at home on your computer with your dog.

    6) Killing yourself isn't really ever a good answer... unless you're Hitler or something. The fact that this was your first choice of items to list is telling. See point #1 for my recommendation here.

    • Wow. That is awesomely generous that you responded as you did. Thanks. Damn good advice. I have been doing the health/nutrition/gym thing and am very frustrated because, for the first time, it just wasn't working. Didn't lose a damn pound and was bustin my butt.

    • You're probably working out in the wrong energy zone. Be sure your trainer/coach is covering your anaerobic thresholds with you.

      If you're working out in the wrong arobic zone you won't be losing as much weight. Also, be sure you're varying your speed and if possible increase the resistance or incline on the machine you're using, following guidance from your trainer/coach.

      Workign out too hard builds more muscle but burns sugar instead of fat. Keep that in mind.

  • First of all Don't Kill Yourself! Seriously, if your harboring those kind of thoughts you should be getting some therapy if you can afford it as apposed to being on here.

    as far as balding... just shave your head, think Jason Statham.

    as far as fat... fill your fridge up with fresh white meats and leafy greens then hit the gym.

    as far as debt... pick up some books on debt and read read read. Then address the smallest liability first.

    as far as middle aged... We all get old eventually. live with it.

    Don't give up bud, get yourself together and get out there, you'll find someone.

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