Why won't guys answer their phone?

So this guy can talk to me forever on IM and then ask me to call him but when I do he never answers or even calls back. Then he'll make plans to meet up and tells me to call him on the day to make definite plans but doesn't answer either and we never hang out because of that. Wtf is up with that? Is he just not that into me?


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  • Personally, I hate the phone. You can call it prideful all you want, but I hate showing much emotion at all to people. (with the exception of course to the one that I care most about. Even then though, I don't like to show my emotions to this girl in front of other people. When I'm alone with her, I'm not afraid to tell her all the things on my mind. Ex. What I think about her, our relationship, and the parts where I tend to show my sweet side. ) The only time I like talking to someone on the phone is if it's purely an informational call. . . Or if I'm alone in a room by myself unable to be disturbed.

    I wouldn't judge this guy JUST on his attitude with his phone. Meet up with him, and see what he's like in person before you make rash decisions. He might just be a shy phone talker.


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  • Wow. I'm surprised at the vitriol from the women responders.

    Yes, he's just not that into you or he just wants to be friends but he doesn't know how to tell you or is too self-conscious or unconfident to tell you face to face or on the phone. You need to call him on it. The next time he says you should call him, tell him that he needs to call you - and not the day of - before you'll make any kind of plans.


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  • He sounds like he is stringing you along for his own ego.

    maybe I sound a little harsh, but I would pursue other guys and not waste anymore time with this one. the ball is in his court and he is being flaky and not making a move.

  • Well about telling you on IM to call him then he don't pick up or call back its just he shy and maybe he thinks your gonna think his voice is ugly. About making plans and him not picking up when you guys going to meet up might be that he's shy and is afraid that he might not be what you expected. Trust me I been throw that before. But have you asked him why he does that?

  • I have gone through the samething at some point. Its almost like this guy gets off knowing that he's peaked your interest. I'm not going to say that he's not into but there is no clear reason to believe that he is. He makes plans to meet up but is a flake, and when you call he never answers. Don't play his game just keep it moving. If he wants you let him find you