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How can I tell if he wants to be more than friends?

Help! I'm really into a guy who is younger than I am. I'm a graduate student and he's an undergrad, but I really like spending time with him. I... Show More

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  • well from my experience, those actions do depict some kind of interest in you. I don't think you should make a move on him and id suggest you leave stuff going as is until he decides to make the first move. Another thing, don't make it too obvious that you like him and make him a bit hungry to know about those emotions. That would attract a guy to u, you'll make him wonder. But,on the other hand that doesn't mean you should complicate things or act like a stuck up B**** (pardon my language).just be cool, be yourself, respect him, respectful yourself, nd be positive. be happy always around him, those vibes attract us. I think your on the right track though. he is currently in between the friendship road and the relationship road. MAINTAIN IT :) and good luck

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