How often should you talk to someone you first start seeing?

So I met this guy a week ago and we were texting every day. I saw him 3 times last week, and he even ended up staying the night one of those nights (we just cuddled). Do guys start talking to a girl a lot and then realize they need to slow down so they put communication on hold or not as frequent? It's just weird hearing from a guy constantly and then when you don't, you wonder. I talked to him Sunday in the morning and then he texted me at night and was like, "Night sweetie". I texted him when I was at work yesterday morning and we did that a few times back and forth. I asked what his plans for the day were and he said WoW (world of warcraft). So I assume he played that all days and that's why I haven't heard from him. So I was gonna wait til he texted me again cause I don't like to appear clingy by talking to a guy every day. I'm wondering if I don't hear from him in a day or two if something is up. He did also tell me has trust issues due to past relationships with the girl... Show More