How can I attract a shy/reserved guy?

I've always dated crazy, outgoing guys. Now a new guy has caught my eye but he is very shy. I don't know how to approach the situation because I'm used to crazy guys. We've texted a few times but I had to make the move first. I also gave him my number. He didn't ask for it but he texted for one night in order for me to have his number. I saw him last night at least 5 times at one place but he never said a word to me, not even a smile. Is he "just not that into me" or just really shy?


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  • He could be nervous. I'm shy - when I realize I start liking a girl then I get nervous and say the stupidest things. So I overcompensate by pretty much ignoring her and playing it cool even though I really want to talk to her.

    Friend him on Facebook or whatever and find out what he's interested in and passionate about. If you don't do FB, try asking his friends or just pay attention to anything he says. That way you can start conversations with him where he doesn't feel out of his depth and he feels comfortable talking to you. If you see him on IM or whatever, don't be afraid to be the first one to start the conversation.

    Oh, and be sure to smile a lot around him. Not like creepy/stalkerish, but in a way that you convey interest clearly to HIM rather than any other guys who might happen to be around.

    Bottom line: do NOT wait for shy guys to make the first move. If you're interested in this guy, give him some kind of OBVIOUS signal. Shy guys don't want to come across creepy, so they tend not to pursue girls without some kind of green light.


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  • He's shy. Go up to him and start talking about something random. slowly lead the conversation to something about what he likes in a girl. If you don't fit the qualities of what he likes then he really isn't in to you. However if he has trouble saying things he likes or says traits that apply to you he's just shy and really does like you. Then just say to him that you like him.

  • I think he is just shy. Speaking as a shy guy myself, I think you should make the first move and just ask him out. Us shy guys are quite slow, although most will probably not admit it, even when we have even the slightest incline that a girl likes us. I say you just ask him out, what's the worst that could happen? He'll say no.


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  • make a move ask him to do somthing one on one.. get him out of the crowd where he can be himself. he proabaly thinks ur too good for him. give him some options he will be delighted to have a girl be all over him. a shy guy isn't so shy once a girl opens their personality...