Do men really mean what they say when they are drunk?

It seems to me like they open up more, but do they really mean what they say? And then there's that saying that "Kids and drunks always tell the truth" Your thoughts?


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  • Alcohol in sufficient quantity removes inhibitions and people will say and do things they would not normally do. What you heard is probably something he's been thinking about for sometime and just got verbalized. It could be something he has felt perhaps for a long time.


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  • I've always believed that we are more ourselves when drunk - for example I'm exactly the same except I slur my words. But I have friends who become incredibly obnoxious, rude, sad, angry, and just over assholes.

    So I tend to trust what I hear when someone's drunk.

    ~ Robby

  • For myself, more often than not, what I say drunk has less meaning, and I often end up regreting what I said.

  • Sober or Drunk people are the same, it never changes they just say things they keep locked while sober or as more do they use the cover of drunkeness to say what they want without repercussion.

    Either way a drunk statement really isn't any more truthful or not then a sober it maters on the person.

    A quiet person that talks more when drunk might tell more but the reality is only talking tells more.

    The more you talk the more you expose yourself be it a lie or the truth.

  • Pretty much yep. Since our inhibitions are taken away, were more impetuous.

  • Excess amounts of ethanol tend to eat away at a person's inhibitions. People, guys included, become more impulsive. There may be some truth in what an inebriated guy says but I'd take his words with a grain of salt. I wouldn't say a guy means what he says word for word but there is a root cause for what he says.


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