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What does a man mean when he says ' I think we should cool it for a while'

So, been seeing this guy for a while, had some amazing dates, really got on well, very comfortable with each other, he said he really fancied me,... Show More

Oh another point, if he hated me that much why hasn't he deleted me off Facebook?
Thanks greeneyedgal, think you are right but its still driving me mad! Especially as I have to drive past his flat everyday, there are benefits to dating people who live far away! Am just angry now esp with him not responding to a friendly pleasant text!

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  • Yes, this happened to me as well. This is what I think happened, I concur that you didn't do anything wrong. I think everything was going very well with the relationship, meshing etc. However, I think he stepped back for a moment and started to think about things. He probably got scared of the progression of the relationship- emotionally, psychologically etc. so he is backing off a bit. It could be because it has been a long time since he had something like this with someone but he wound up hurt. The emotions that he has could be scaring him too if he has intimacy issues.

    For now, just give him some space to clear his head. Let him come to you. I know this will be difficult but I think the worse thing to do is be pushy in this case.

    Good luck.

    • I completely understand. The one I like lives down the road from where I work. I see him there and I want to stop and talk to him but I can't. It's extremely frustrating.

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