Do girls like shy guys?

I'm really shy myself and get nervous around girls but I'm just wondering if its a turn off or if I'm worse off being shy


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  • Well it depends on the girl. Some girls like shy guys more but it still depends, you said you are shy around "girls" so if you like a girl and she likes you back you gotta be careful if she sees tat you get really shy when you are talking to another girl it might hurt her so you have to know how to control it how to be shy yet outgoing at the same time so other people can't find out. It's a turn on to a lot of girls we think shy guys are cute but sometimes you HAVE to be outgoing to get the girl you want!


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  • I love shy guys! Lol I am a pretty shy person myself so its easy for me to relate to a guy who feels the same way. I don't think its a turn off. It gives me a chance to bring him out and have him open up to me. I actually sit with a guy in my science class who's one of those quiet shy guys. And he's the nicest kid ever! Lol and we talk and laugh like we are long time buds. So its cool.

    Point being. Don't worry if you are shy. I like em! Lol

  • If it takes you some time to warm up to girls, then take that time.

    i honestly, like when guys are outgoing and can do anything the first meet

    but I've dated a shy guy too and their just as cute(:

  • I think shy guys are sooo cute! And I am a really outgoing person! But I like to have fun, so it doesn't bug me if they're shy, but they still have to be fun and open up once we've talked. If they are still shy and rarely go out. I don't think it would be very fun dating them. I think they're really cute the way they act tho! :)

  • It has a lot to do with preference. Personally, I think shyness can be quite attractive. The only problem is that it can be difficult to move towards dating or a relationship with a guy who is really shy. There is a balance between being so shy that you seclude yourself, and being shy, but being able to meet a girl you are into and get to know her. It might also be helpful (just to know yourself better) to try and determine why you are shy, if you don't already know this. Is it a fear of rejection? Is it just a disposition? This will help you when you feel you need to break from you shyness.

  • To me I like shy guys. The reason I like shy guys because it shows there not all wild an stuff. Another most of these guys I have approached in the past come out to be kind of cute.

  • girls find it real hard to talk to guys as well mind!

    i definitely do !1

  • Yes! I like shy guys because I think it's easier to talk to them and I'm more comfortable around them. Loud guys are kinda obnoxious.

  • I think it's pretty adorable when a guy is shy. this guy i'm kinda dating is like that, and he's sensitive and blushed when this guy made a derogatory remark about me, and I thought it was so adorable. it just shows you respect women more I think, and that you actually have feelings. I like when I can have deep conversations with a guy, so if he opens up after you start talking, then shyness isn't really an issue for me. But sometimes girls will then have to make the first move if ur too shy. ( I did and it worked pretty well). but ya if you're too shy just realize that you will miss some opportunities to date girls as some refuse to ask you out. but honestly, it's all a matter of preference. it sounds more romantic if a guy is chivalrous and macho, but i'd rather have a guy who loves me for who I am, than a macho guy who cares about what everyone thinks. hope i'm making sense and not rambling...


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  • Most girls do not like shy guys. It really depends on the types you go for. If you want the popular, party-type girls, chances are if you are shy you don't have a chance.

    Maybe the more introverted girls like shy guys, but I think of shyness as a weakness.

  • If you want women then don't be shy, be out going and be fun, shy guys are timid and nervous and to some women especially as they get older they won't go for the shy guys, to get over your shyness towards women approach them it doesn't matter who they are pretty or ugly just go up and talk to them, the more you do this the more confident you'll get, and then you go after that really hot girl you've always wanted but were to afraid to say anything to her because you didn't know what to say. Don't know what to say ask a random question, ask them about themselves women love to talk , and lastly make as many friends with women as possible that way your more confident around them and eventually approaching women will be a piece of cake.