Girls: Do Thongs/G Strings with double/triple straps or with jewels/bows bother you?

I have just started getting used to thongs/g strings and I bought a few that had double straps and a few jewel type things on the back, and I'm not sure if it's just me but I just can't seem to wear those they feel a little strange. Just me?

Got some really comfy double strap ones from Victorias Secret like ineverycity suggested, they feel a lot better then the ones I had


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  • Same thing happened to me, you're just not used to the extra strings/jewels yet. No worries though, soon you won't even notice the difference. :)

    • Yea I kinda thought it might take awhile, I'm not sure if its just the ones I'm getting or something, any good store ideas?

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    • Alright ill check some of those out thanks a bunch for all the help =)

    • No problem I'm glad I could help :)


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  • I really don't like any kind of underwear with thin straps. They cut into your skin and leave marks! It's just uncomfortable. My suggestion is that you find some thongs made of lace. Aerie makes some really comfy ones with wide lace straps that don't cut into your skin at all.

  • I felt the same way when I first started wearing them. It just takes time to get use to. But in no'll feel more comfortable then ever wearing them.

  • i don't like the string around the waist-hips.. it digs into your sides and leaves those nasty marks! escpcially when your playing sports with them on! or tight jeans...