Girls: Do Thongs/G Strings with double/triple straps or with jewels/bows bother you?

I have just started getting used to thongs/g strings and I bought a few that had double straps and a few jewel type things on the back, and I'm not sure if it's just me but I just can't seem to wear those they feel a little strange. Just me?

Got some really comfy double strap ones from Victorias Secret like ineverycity suggested, they feel a lot better then the ones I had

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  • Same thing happened to me, you're just not used to the extra strings/jewels yet. No worries though, soon you won't even notice the difference. :)

    • Yea I kinda thought it might take awhile, I'm not sure if its just the ones I'm getting or something, any good store ideas?

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    • Alright ill check some of those out thanks a bunch for all the help =)

    • No problem I'm glad I could help :)