Why do people always get mad at me?

I say one little thing and it might be a bad day or something for me and they take it the wrong way.

Trust me, I'd rather have a friend rather than a ... non-friend.

why are people so quick to judge?

Seems like they're so not understanding themselves...

lol so mean


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  • God-damnit, Reeses, you just don't stop, do you? You're always asking questions and you write them out of words made up of letters and for you the anger and disappointment just never ceases. Maybe you should think about our user experience a little more before just wondering about things out loud. For christ's sake. Buffoonery!


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  • Well you'd have to be more specific like give an example or whatever because its hard to tell but it might actually be you that's taking it the wrong way. Like are you sure people aren't just joking around and you might just see it or hear it the wrong way then take it offensively. If this kinda thing has happened a few times then people might think that you can't take things seriously and might actually treat you bad just because of what you have done. So what I could tell you is if people seem like they are getting mad at you just play it off or say something that will call them out and joke around about it because it's not anything that's too serious nor will it ruin/end your life so why treat it like that. Bring some humour into your life and don't act depressed and down on yourself because that's not going to change things. YOU have to be the one to change things.

    • True true. please up rate my question. lol someone gave me one star out of five. be nice people :) thank you mr. ludacris

  • Because this world is a f***ed up place

  • Complaining is bad and people don't like it.

  • you're a cutee.


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  • Maybe they had a bad day too.

  • Sometimes you must read the situation before you will say anything to them.