When a guy doesn't respond to an e-mail (that says everything you're feeling), should you assume it's over?

I dated a guy for close to 8 months. He wasn't my ideal guy.. but I admit there was definitely an instant attraction/connection. We went out at least 3 times a week.. and talked/texted on a daily basis (always quick to respond). Here and there we disagreed on a subject or 2 but never argued. We made each other laugh and smile... it was great.

He never asked me to be his girlfriend.

About a month ago, I noticed that his replies to my messages were getting slower.. A day or two out of the week, I wouldn't hear from him at all. I rarely asked him to spend the night or to go out to dinner..since he always took the initiative. I asked him to dinner.. and he never gave me a day. I noticed there was flirty comments from 1 girl on his Facebook.

I took a day to just process everything that was going on.. and I decided he was dating someone else and evidently he was quite interested in her. I didn't feel I needed to ask him. I proceeded by deleting him off my Facebook. A couple hours later he sent me a text saying "wow, I can't believe you deleted me, take care" I was upset and simply responded "yep".

A couple days later I received a fwd: joke email on accident from him.

I responded "yep, true".. he apologized and said he'd take me off his e-mail contact list. I said "if that's what you want". He responds " for christs sake; you deleted me off Facebook.. stop playing that game.

I blew up and responded by telling him how much I cared..and told him I didn't need to have him on my Facebook.. to just see him bat his eyelashes.. I said "Why call or text you..if you'll respond when you feel like it.". I told him that's not the way you treat someone you value."

I received no response.. but did receive an e-mail wishing me a merry Xmas and a New Years text. Till this day no response .

I miss him.. of course.

But by him not responding.. should I assume.. he knows he was in the wrong and is OK with breaking all ties and losing me?

What to do?

Thanks for responding! I feel better... and most importantly not blinded. I know what to do from here. It's time to move on...not ez but it can be done. =)