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Does being a jerk work?

I'm just wondering if being a jerk to a girl really makes her more interested in you than if you are a nice or sweet? So is it true or does it just... Show More

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  • noooo being a jerk is not good and I don;t think any girl wants that. being a jerk to a girl can work if you are hot but that relationship will never last long because if she dates you for ur looks eventually she will discover that you are a jerk and she will dump you for sure! trust me, girls don't like jerks. jerk is just a name we use for ANY guy that breaks our heart or confuses the majority of us girls.


What Girls Said 8

  • absolutely not. I can not stand guys that are rude

  • I don't understand all these questions about jerks and how they can pick up a girl easily! Really? Well first of all, I don't understand why a girl would ever have interest in a guy who is a complete jerk. Second, I wouldn't be with one. I want a MAN, someone who can treat me with respect and treats me like a lady. And I know a jerk can't do that.

  • Well.. It doesn't work on me. But I have seen something... My best friend's boyfriend is a complete @ss.

    Not only to her, but also to me.

    If a guy is ever rude to me or anything like that, I get p*ssed off and I usually don't want to talk to him.

    I DO NOT follow the term nice guys finish last.(:

  • basically all guys have a little jerk in the, even though they're super nice sometime, something will happen and they can be a jerk, even for just a second. but that's what I think.

  • Do not be a jerk. My gosh, men are so stupid. If girls do find any interest in you, it will never be anything serious, they may find it a goal to make you want them or something, but after that that's all.

  • No. It is the worst thing you could ever do.

  • I hate guys being jerrks its a major turn off, I like respect and favour it more than anything, playful teasing is ok but being a jerk is not.

What Guys Said 1

  • It really does depend on the girl - though it can also be heavily influenced by cultural and sociological factors like where she lives, how important money is to her, what her friends act like, and so on.

    When girls told me they liked "bad boys," I treated them like crap. Usually, I ignored them completely, but if it was convenient and I felt like it and I was single, I would consider f***ing them. If so, I never, ever, ever paid for anything, said anything nice to them, offered any favors, or called back for anything other than sex. (Those things will only be interpreted as signs of weakness.

    This worked pretty well, but I was never as popular as the jerk-boys whose parents inherited more wealth than I did. The problem is, I find these girls predictable and boring. These "relationships" never lasted more than a few weeks, which in hindsight was a good thing.

    But for many women, acting like a jerk just makes you look like a boring jerk. Most of these women want someone who can be sensitive and caring without being excessively needy, clingy, or passive-aggressive. This is especially true for women who are more mature than a secondary school student. I like these girls! I'm dating one of them right now and she's awesome.

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