What does it mean if a guy calls you 'babe'?

when a guy friend uses pet names like 'babe' what can that mean?


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  • He thinks you look like a little pig.


    Not much. Now I tend to use the term beautiful when I talk to a girl I have a crush on or when I'm dating them, but "babe" is a term that's nothing special, other than a pet name - I don't hate them. I like/ love them but not strictly romance-wise.

    I stop using those terms, however, when girls start picking fights and have been really getting on my nerves.

    One term you do watch out for - "princess." I use princess as a derogatory term (for anyone over the age of 10), and I use it VERY sparingly. It's not a compliment.

    Hope this helped.


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  • doesnt really mean anything.

  • Depends on the guy, and the relationship they have with you. more information is needed to give you a fairly accurate answer.

  • It sounds really trashy and lame too me, but I see and hear a lot of people using it as a sign of affection.

  • It means he's a stud.

  • I call most girls babe.

  • He's probably meaning nothing. I don't think he would randomly show his love for you like that.

  • From the way your question is phrased- it sounds like he was referring to the move about cartoon livestock (the movie- "Babe" is about an animal (pig) name babe)

    Though when a guy says it in general to the woman he appreciates, it means only a nickname. The same as saying "Love, darling, dear, hun" etc.

    "Hey hun, I miss you" is similar to- "Hey babe, I miss you"

  • it means nothing.

    i call friends babe.


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  • It's hard to answer this question since it's hard of context. Sometimes babe can mean something more and often times it's just a name.

  • I had a guy call me babe and I literally asked him what he meant.

    He said he meant it as his way of letting me know that he was attracted to me and cared about me...

    But I'm not sure if it's the same for every guy.

    Maybe each guy means it differently.

    I suppose you could always ask him what he meant. That way you won't assume anything and you'll know exactly how he meant it.

  • It mean that he loves you.