Can you ever trust again after being cheated on?

My husband of 32 years has cheated on my repeatedly. He says he has not done anything recently, but has stayed in touch with all these women through FB, texting and phone. He says he only loves me and wants to only be with me. Can I trust him? Do I believe him when he tells me he has not had any... Show More

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  • --- Reality Check ---

    [ Can I trust him? ] Yes

    [ Should you trust him? ] No

    [ Should I believe him when he tells me he has not had any contact with them within the last 6 months? ] No

    [ Is it expected in a long term relationship ] Yes

    This guy has cheated on you "repeatedly". Move on chica- you've known the guy for 32 years and he can tell you he hasn't done anything in the last 6 months. That leaves 31-1/2 years for him to have screwed everything with a heart beat and two legs (sarcasm-but you get the point)

    If your asking a question like this- it bothers you, but you care about him and want things to work.

    [ Will it work in the future ] No

    [ Will things change or get better ] Unlikely / No

    [ Will there be a day that he realises what he lost ] When you move on.

    I hope things resolve for you and yours, but you don't deserve the heart break. He does.~


    • Well put answer. +1

    • Wow, ArtistBboy you are wise beyond your years. Thank you so much for the really gives me something to think about. Thanks again.

    • I agree well put.

      very smart ;)