How do girls feel when a guy dresses like a girl?

Not in a weird transvestite kind of way, if a guy would do this he would look either like a girl or at least be attractive.


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  • The death of sex segregated clothing can't come fast enough to suit me. I wear what I like I don't try to look like a man or woman My clothing is unisex.

    Be careful though when you venture into clothing that some people think is for "women only"

    I have found that there are girly girl types out there that are so cowardly that they are terrified to see any man stepping out of the protector / provider role that society has shoved off on us. These leaches are born parasites who are deathly afraid of loosing their meal ticket. They will do every thing they can to force you back into the role they think your belong in lest other men see you and start to do like you do. These women are the enemy of every man and woman alive as far as ever living in a civilized society that respects our individuality over our sex.

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      Thank you very much, I never heard such an intelligent answer, by god, it is very true