How do girls feel when a guy dresses like a girl?

Not in a weird transvestite kind of way, if a guy would do this he would look either like a girl or at least be attractive.


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  • The death of sex segregated clothing can't come fast enough to suit me. I wear what I like I don't try to look like a man or woman My clothing is unisex.

    Be careful though when you venture into clothing that some people think is for "women only"

    I have found that there are girly girl types out there that are so cowardly that they are terrified to see any man stepping out of the protector / provider role that society has shoved off on us. These leaches are born parasites who are deathly afraid of loosing their meal ticket. They will do every thing they can to force you back into the role they think your belong in lest other men see you and start to do like you do. These women are the enemy of every man and woman alive as far as ever living in a civilized society that respects our individuality over our sex.

    • Thank you very much, I never heard such an intelligent answer, by god, it is very true

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  • I would assume he's gay

    • What makes you say that?

  • it means I would think he possibly is a cross dresser. and it depends on the cut/ colour as well I suppose.

    do you mean metrosexual semi fashion with a slight feminine touch or are we talking authentic women's clothes? and is it daily or just for fun? that might give a clearer picture of what image you wish to project of yourself.

    • Mostly the metro kind of fashion, maybe a little riskiness once in a while

  • Prince does it all the time and I'm inlove with him (so is half the world) but it's harmless as long as you're comfortable. But you might have to find a "prima donna" type of lady because she'll understand quicker than a jeans and wife beater lady

  • I reckon some girls would be into something like that. Lots even like the "weird transvestite kind of way." Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, doll.

    • Is it strange?

    • To the general populace I'm sure that it would be perceived as strange, yes. But what do they know? Do what you feel, you'll always end up happier that way.

    • Maybe, but ridicule could overtake that happiness

  • I don't like guys that look like girls, but I like effeminate men. Like the Tripplets from Daisy of love they have long blonde hair and wear eyeliner. They are effeminite and they are hot.

    • You know that effeminate=looks like a girl, you don't make sense

    • I meen pretty men, not guys that look like a girl in the tranny way.

    • Oh, I'm sorry a misunderstood lol

  • I would think it's a tad weird. I didn't grow up around it, so I wouldn't be very accustomed to guys doing it. But personally it's a turn off. Not cool.

  • Gay.

    and weird

    • Is that suppose to be offensive?

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    • Ok I change my answer. It's homosexual.

      and weird

    • Plus sexual orientation does not equal sexual identity

  • that's the worse tip of guys ever I don't think girls would like it .it's just doesn't seem right to me and I really hate guys dressing like girls I saw one of them couple times I just couldn't keep staring

    honestly I think they have some kind of women Hormones this is just my opinion

    i guess he's gay

    • I am staight and I hang out with the girls and am considerd one of the girls and they dress me up all the time for girl time they say. and you know what some girls clothes are realy cute and comfly just wouldent do it all the time

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    • Look when the talking doesn't make sense to me and seems to go to no where I try to be the SMART one and don't answer back , this is just to let you know

      and by the way my first language isn't English so it's not that easy for me

    • If you were the "SMART" one, why did you answer back?

  • Well, if you're wearing skirts or dress tops it'd be UBER gay. If you like to wear tight clothes, I would try to dress scene/emo/artsy. Don't be a poser, just look at some pics to get an idea and DO NOT claim yourself as an emo/scene/artsy kid. A few dudes that are emo/scen or artsy, to give you and idea, are Christopher Drew, Mitchell Davis, Alex Evans, and Andy Sixx. Andy Sixx is more goth though, but has the emo-ish hair. Those are basically the only scenes/clothes you can wear and a girl won't think your gay. Oh, and avoid pinks. ..(PS, button up plaid shirts are pretty cool if you wear them with black skinnys and Vans shoes.) ..(PSS, skinny pants don't have to be skin tight to look emo/scene/artsy.)

    • What a bag of contradiction, and for the record pink was considered a men's color up until the 1950's

  • like my guyfriends wear tight skinny jeans and girlly jackets. I think its cute :)

  • I don't care, quite honestly. If my boyfriend started wearing girls clothing all of a sudden I might be concerned as to what prompted it, but being a bisexual it wouldn't make him any less attractive to me. Some guys look really good in girls clothing. I'd go for one if he was presented to me and I was single.

    • Are you even talking about dresses and such?

    • I am, yeah. There are some guys who really pull it off. I'm not embarrassed to admit that, yeah it can be really sexy if done right.

    • What would be too far?

  • I say they feel funny

    • Lol that answer is nice

  • okay, tight v-neck, slightly tight jeans, and guy sneakers?

    well, really, I don't feel weird about it at all. it's just how the guy dresses. look at how male celebrities and male models dress today, girls love them. A guy might wanna get in on this this too.

  • I think it so stupid for a guy to dress like a girl.

  • i would assume he's gay.

    why? don't be absurd, if a guy is dressing up like a girl it doesn't give off a "masculine" overtone he just looks gay as hell like he's crossdressing


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  • If you mean gay tight pants and gay girl hair, yes. They love it, even though I think it's the gayest sh*t ever.