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What does it mean if a guy confides in you?

My guy friend has just started confiding in me some really personal and deep stuff. We do talk all the time, and occasionally flirt. Obviously this... Show More

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  • He probably feels really comfortable around you, but don't mistake his trust and friendship with you for romantic feelings...it doesn't mean he likes you more than a friend, but I don't know how you 2 are 2gether...maybe he does like you...but more than likely he just sees you as a really close friend

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  • one of my guy friends is like that to me. I thought he liked me at first, but it turns out he only likes me as a friend. And I find that out because he has told me that I am a good "friend" several times.

  • He definitely sees you as a great friend. But friendships CAN and do turn into more. I wouldn't push the something more though and don't count on it. But it is a possibility.

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