Why do guys says they're in love but are eager to quit so fast after an argument??

why not fight for your love? I don't get it. most guys say oh I can't live without ya etc...but than when the girl threatens their relationship or anything that gets you mad you so eager to quit.

girls would fight because we love hard and we mean it when we say I love you.


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  • A weakness from those guys who cannot handle a conflict.

    Face it, take it and eat it. To having a strong relationship, there must also be conflicts sometimes, and how it affects the relation is all about how both are handling the problem.

    As someone said, "Dont fight for your Love, Fight with your Love".

    I agree with the asker, I find this pretty common, actaully more common for guys than girls. Maybe its becuase there are many guys who are scared of exposing themselves too much emotionally, or either getting too p*ssed off cause they cannot handle the conflict with the girl. So then its much easier to run.

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      I believe that was ARTIST BOY :-)

      Pretty decent quote... I presume if you can get that gong - you're good to go.

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      Oops, I think that was Gintrovet..... Sorry Gintrovert - Great Quote tho. :-)

      ( Just sounded like something Artist Boy has said.)

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      Haha! ARTIST BOY hasn't even answered, but maybe you've something else in mind about him =p Lol

      Gintrovet it is, he said that=)