Is Myspace, Facebook etc a good place to meet girls ?

I was wondering if Myspace, Facebook and that are good places to meet and date girls as I'm really shy and nervous around them and even just around big crowds, so I was thinking that maybe that would be better than me trying to approach a girl at a bar or wherever and get really shy


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  • Yeah, if you wanna meet barely legal trash 8 out of 10 times.

    Why don't you go to a party and have some friends introduce you to some girls? Or go to places that people share hobbies with you, it doesn't have to be a bar.

    You really need to get over being shy instead of trying to find a way around it. If you are not confident then girls will never be interested. The only way to get over it is to get out there and make a goal to get turned down 30 or 40 times. Then you won't be expecting anything. And when you do make a connection its like a bonus. Think of it as an assignment that you have to do for school or something and detach yourself a little bit. You can't tell yourself that every girl you approach has to say yes just to cater to your pride. (also don't approach every girl in the bar right in a row, be tactful and not desperate) Just brush it off if you get rejected and try to learn something each time to perfect your approach. I was rejected probably hundreds of times when I was single but I expected it and its how I learned. I also met tons of great girls. And even after dating things don't always work out for long. Unless you are a celebrity or a model or something, you will get turned down more often than not. Its just how it is. You have to learn to accept it.

    After a while I stopped caring at all. If someone is going to dismiss you right away or even after a bit of talking, so what? You just learned that person wasn't right for you. With thousands of girls within your everyday interactions, odds are most of them are not a match. Its just math.

    Once you get good at initiating a conversation its easy. The best way to start is to get the person to talk about themselves. Most people jump at that chance and you get to look like you are talking but you are really just sitting there listening and learning about the person. Then you have material to relate to. You have SOMETHING in common with everyone you talk to no matter how small. Just learn how to figure it out quickly.

    And find a buddy or two to go out with that are more confident than you are now and watch them as well. Watch how other guys in the bar talk to girls. You'll figure out what works for you. And remember to always at least act like you are having a good time. If you are laughing and having fun, (or better yet the one making other people laugh and have fun) you gain credit with the girls as someone that is liked. If you just stand around and be shy or look worried, etc. Then you may as well be a bar stool. They will look right past you. So go out and talk to 10 girls this weekend regardless of what happens. And you don't have to pick them up just be fun and at least try to have fun with your friends and see what happens.


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  • Take bugginmint example we don't like guys who aren't confident and no sorry but myspace and facebook not such a great place to meet girls at all - stop being afraid, stop worrying and be yourself - if a girl turns you down so what - she didn't deserve you in the first place plus it wasn't really meant to be!

  • I personally find it creepy when guys I don't know send me messages online asking me out, so I don't think that's the way to go.

    If you go somewhere thinking "I want to find a girl here", you'll be nervous. Find an environment where you're comfortable and start talking to people. That way you won't have the pressure of finding a girl you like, you'll just be talking to people, and hopefully you'll come across a girl you're interested in.

  • Don't bother, it's a waste of time.


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  • Mmm. I wouldn't say that they are GREAT places to meet women, but it could work in some cases. The big worry with meeting someone online is that you really have no idea who they are. And in many cases that can be dangerous. Myspace and Facebook are more geared towards people who wish to remain in contact with old friends, or people they already know, over long distances. I'm not ruling out the possibility all together, I'm just saying be cautious.

  • These are excellent sites to meet women. I've personally met hundreds of females from MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, and many other social networking sites. It really doesn't matter WHERE you meet women--it all boils down to your charisma and style.

    I used to be very shy myself, yet I thankfully met people who improved my "game". I invite you to check out my books ( and If you have any questions, you can reach me directly at I know how it feels so if I can help let me know!


  • Personally I've found that unless you're very confident and proactive with social networking sites (IE - you actually have the balls to invite girls out and have the social tact to quell the inevitable awkwardness when you meet), they are essentially worthless.

    Meeting girls in real life requires more initial courage but the payoff is far greater - body language, tone of voice etc is a massive factor and if they are removed it makes a relationship become cold very quickly.