I have a scar on my face...?

I have a scar on my face that I got when I was 4, and it really really bothers me.

Here's a couple weird pictures of me:



But the thing is I find myself smiling ALL the time to try and cover it and my cheeks kill by the end of the day ha. I just wish it would go away. Advice? :(

Thanks so much everyone :) I went to a plastic surgeon and she said she can almost completely get rid of it. But it hasn't been bothering me as much because of your comments.

Most Helpful Girl

  • My boyfriend has a large scar on the left side of his face near his eye, and I love it. It's something that makes him unique. You shouldn't feel so self-conscious of your scar. If you constantly worry about it and draw attention to it, others will make a bigger deal of it. If it's really something that you can't grow into, there are skin treatments that can diminish the look of the scar such as microdermabrasion or line fillers. These aren't permanent and often require quite a bit of money, but I suggest do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. You're a beautiful girl, but I know that no one telling you that can make you love yourself. Just be happy.