Why do guys go to the bathroom so much?

I was wondering why when I go out with friends to club, some of the guys keep like going to the bathroom? is it because of the alcohol? they also... Show More

well the reason I ask is because my friends say it's because they probably have an erection and need to go to the bathroom to jack off or something. I was just wondering .

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  • Its more or less what the guys are saying. If you drink, especially beer you feel that you have to urinate a LOT more. Nothing strange. Its just that. Other than that if a guy goes to the bathroom in a club to jack off or something he needs to go see someone that can help him.haha

    • Ew guys jack off at the club so ...................................what is the word unsanitary! lolo

    • I've never noticed a guy jack off at a club. That would be like saying girls go to the bathroom in groups to have lesbian sex.