What does it mean when you dream about this guy in your class but he likes this other girl who resembles you?

well this guy in my class likes this girl Elizabeth but all the things about her resemble me the hair the eyes. I don't know if he's making her up but I had a dream last night ( that I was on my bike and a couple of my friends called out to me so I stopped to say hello. then the guy showed up lets call him bob. bob saw me and gave me longest hug ever then me and bob just went together to talk. all of a sudden we both trip out of no where and he falls on top of me. of coarse I was just laughing at us then I covered my face with both of my hands because I didn't feel comfortable with having him on top of me . bob came closer to my face and opened my hands a little to where my lips were and he kissed me lightly at that moment I didn't know what to do I told him he's going out with Elizabeth but all he said was "all I want is you " as bob was about to kiss me again I woke up! Please I WANT A GUYS PROSPECTIVE ABOUT THIS