Have you ever missed someone you broke up with?

I was with my first girl for like 7 year. We were each others first. One day she just told me she didn't love me anymore. That was it. I never received anymore answers. I know she treated me badly at times and I probably treated her badly at times too. I still think about her from time to time and get upset.

.even though she broke up with me do you think she still thinks about me and cries sometimes?

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  • Depends on what kind of a person she was/is. People change, make poor decisions, mistakes and such and learn from them.

    I broke up with my first true love, treated me good and loved me with all his heart there at the end but there were little things I couldn't get past. I was 20, had a lot to learn. Almost 3 years later I realized I still loved him but he was engaged to someone he moved on with a year and 1/2 after me. I let it go but then when they broke up we had a wonderful night together, then he just went back to pining after her even after giving me hope of another start. Now he's back with her though they live hundreds of miles apart most the year. Took me over a year 1/2 to move on and realize I deserve better and come to the conclusion I was just a rebound. As long as I have that frame of mind I'm good. I am dating a wonderful guy right now, though he's overseas currently but I want to learn from the past and move on to the future.

    That's all you can do man, just look to the future and know that you can find someone who can love you more and be mature enough to keep the love there and work through hard times.

    In a relationship each person has to put in 90/10 of effort. Then nobody is left feeling unworth an effort. Each person has to put in 90%.

    Good luck.


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  • Yeah this is normal. When you invest your life into something you never forget it and no one can make you. Just treasure the memories but keep living and move on.

  • I think it is very hard for both people to just forget about someone. However, since she broke up with you it was easier to move on for her. You with the broken heart will suffer for a bit. Eventually you will realize that it was the memories you miss and not really her. It was the things you shared that made you happy that you miss, but it was still how you felt at the time. So, focus on that and not her.

    Who cares about what she thinks. she broke your heart. Time to move to a new chapter of your life. If she does cry about you, then good. A lesson to be learned. Learn to get bad! Or you will just be the one who got burned!

    • Learn to get bad huh? lol did you have to learn that lesson? Does everyone have to learn that lesson?

    • Lol, sorry... learn to get mad! oops: typo

    • Typo... not learn to get bad ~ learn to get mad! Otherwise you are just the one getting burnt!

  • Well obviously yeah, you can't just stop loving someone after 7 years and especially your first, you will always have a spot in your heart for your first. I'm sure she still thinks about you and possibly does cry from time to time.

  • You're always going to be a part of her life since she spent so much of it with you. She may or may not cry depending on what is going on in her life. Now you have a chance to move on and experience new things.

  • I don't know about the crying part but of course she thinks about you. Both of you were a big part of each others life, but now it's time to move on. Let go trust me if she's for you then it will come back around. I know it happen to me it took 11 years but got back together and now have 2 beautiful children. I never looked for her and she didn't either. I got married and divorced she finished college and traveled. We just happen to talk one day thru the phone when I call her sister to say hi. That was the beginning all over again. If it would never had happen I don't think I never had been happy again. The thing is not to worry about it. Just live for today and cherish your experiences.

  • Humans are really strange creatures. and fickled I will add. I had a boyfriend and it was great, no arguing nothing. Just one day, he said he want ed move on. I was sent on a tail spend, I did not see it coming at all. He had the best poker face. I remember the song "Somebody goes to teach you lesson in loving". It help make it through the pain. People like them don't cry, they just go onto the next victim. I do believe that one day they will get what they had gave. It always comes back around. And then maybe in their tears then they will remember what they did to us! It is a cold heart to do such a cold action! You deserve better. Don't waste another second of thought on this cold woman! Best to you!


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  • She may not cry after this long (especially since it was her call), but there's a reasonable chance that she probably does think about you, even if it's a fleeting image now and then. If she recalls events, she may remember good times or she may be thinking "yeah I did the right thing". But you don't stay together 7 years without any reason and you don't entirely erase something that lasted a while. Sometimes you don't entirely erase something that never really got off the ground.

  • Yeh I'm going through the same thing (break up after 2 years, each others firsts) and I wonder about those same questions. it was her who wanted the break up cos she felt she lost the love for me.

    the day it happened I was pretty upset and I needed to clear my head. so I waited to calm myself down (a few days) then went to her place for a "after break up chat". it was hard but it was well worth it cos you remember things you wanted to say, things you wanted to ask and then you can find out where things might have gone wrong. how she reacts when you're talking and the emotion she shows (even if she doesn't realise it) will answer ur questions on whether or not she miss's you.

    Hope this helps. I know it helped me.

  • If she still loves you she probably does. If not, she has probably moved on pretty much.