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Why does my boyfriend like to annoy me?

whenever we're out he's always looking at other girls. if I see an attractive girl I look to see if he's already noticed her and he always has. it... Show More

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  • im gonna be straight up with you, no he doesn't really care. I'm sorry to be so harsh but this is not the behavior of a man who is serious about the relationship and loves you. I dated a guy like this and you know what if it obviously makes you feel bad and you've told him how you feel and he can't be considerate and still does it - he does not care. I think you should start looking for a replacement boyfriend because this is probably not someone you want to waste anymore feelings on.

  • First off, he should not do that if you told him it upsets you. Secondly, how would he like it if you said that about other guys and started to check out other guys together? If he just isn't getting it I would either tell him you won't stand for that and keep it to yourself, or start checking out other guys to see how he likes it! Do both maybe! He needs to know it irritates you and then maybe if he knew how it felt he would stop.I wouldn't put up with it though. He needs to listen to you. I'd be upset because its like he's not even paying attention to your feelings. Tell him that and if he doesn't get it, then don't put up with it.Plus, pointing out that another guy has a nice butt might make him realize his ways are not cool. Good luck!

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