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What does douche bag mean?

I know there are numerous definitions, but what does it mean when a guy (only guys are douche bags right?) is a douche. What are the characteristics.... Show More

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What Girls Said 4

  • Do you really want to know what a douche bag means. It is a female product that we use to clean ourselves we have our monthly thing. So men are not douche bags.

    • I know that it meant feminine product, I am talking about the insult.

  • douche bag = what insecure, nerdy, dorky, losers call guys who stand up for themselves, don't kiss ass, and are assertive.

  • I thought, that a jerk is someone who is or acts stupid and a douche bag someone who is basically being an asshole.

    The jersey shore thing is soooo true tho, those guys would be both jerks and douche bags

What Guys Said 3

  • IMO douchebag and jerk are mostly two words for the same thing. the difference is that douchebags are guys who flaunt the fact that they're jerks as if it were something to be proud of.

  • Watch an episode of Jersey Shore, you'll quickly find the definition of "Douche bag"

  • I think douchebag is pretty much the same thing as an asshole, with the small difference that douchebags ENJOY being the way the are. So they do things to p*ss off people because they LIKE to do it, whereas assholes do things like treat others badly, but they might not be doing it on purpose.

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