If a man stares at you a lot what does it mean?

he always stares at me for ages and when he sees me he says hello with a big smile and makes eye contact which seems like a long time .. when ever I talk to him he can't stop saying my name he said it six times in the space of ten minutes once and he always goes out of his way to wave at me when he is in his car ...what does this mean? this man is my local vet we know each other for 3 years !


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  • Could be a couple of things - Could mean he's in deep like with you lol , I don't know bout love, or he could have some other things on his mind. Seems a little obsessive but hey everybody has their own way of showing things. Id say he just like you alot.

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  • he sounds like a creepy old man

    thats just what I think

  • If this is the question you wanted me to answer id sadly have to say you have all the answers you need everyones told you what I would... he's very interested in you and he likes/loves you being over the span of 3 years probably means love though, you probably really grew on him and he is always trying to give you apparent hints so you will respond to them, so there's not much I could help you with sorry but all it is really is he loves you

  • he likes you :) he's just afraid of saying it lol

    how old is he?

  • sounds like he is interestead in you. either sexualy or relationship wise

  • He is displaying his dominance, he clearly finds you attractive, the traits dispalyed are the same as if a woman liked a man.. eye contact. Question is what do you want.. he may need some signal...

  • He is almost 30 and you are 18? His behaviour is creepy. Better watch out. Talk to him only in public places. Do not go to his house, don't accept other "risky" offers. Can't guarantee this is not some kind of a rapist. His profession makes me think he could be.

    Or maybe he has some childish love attitude towards you. Like a kid has for his teddy bear...

    By all means, this should be put on a shelf.

  • he definitely likes you, I can't say anything else, the most important thing is if he goes his way to help you, that is very important. FYI thanks for answering my question.

  • there is no doubt this guy loves u, and nothing short of a gentleman. He stares at u, and knows ur name that much lol. All I see is a guy who can treat a real woman right, you might be that lucky one lol

  • I agree with a lot of people that he must like you. But some things sound kinda weird. This a little off topic but how old is he?

    • Only a few years older? you're sixteen... and you said he was your local vet. that doesn't make much sense to me. but I also noticed you're from ireland so does that mean that people can become vets at extremely young ages in that country?

    • Only a few years older than me :)

      thanks for answering XD

  • I'm sure he likes you! That's what I would do if I like a girl! There's no doubt about that!

  • yea he really likes you alot...though it seems a bit creepy, though they are all strong signs he like you but he sort of takes them a little to far in my book.

  • Sounds like he is interestead in you, although I would have to see how he acts in person to confirm this.

  • hey...if he stares at you then probably he is interested in you because I guess it's not like something very strange stare. Everything else you said just pointed out as a very casual things. And about saying ur name 6 times, that is actually funny. If you think that he is nice and decent guy and good for you then you can take ur chances. But if you have any doubts then just don't make any further move towards a relationship.

    be patient.

    take care

  • it sounds like he probably has a thing for you yep, but it is hard to see without seeing how he acts around you and stuff. is he like a lot older then you?

  • Personally I just think he is being friendly, anyone in that sort of job (were they have daily interactions with a lot of people) have to be able to come across as friendly. They also generally like to keep a good raport with the people they help. I think you're over analyzing since you like him, I've done the same thing many times. Personally the age thing would be a barrier... I know love conquers all and so on. But it's rare that a guy takes interest in someone so much younger than themselves... It would also create problems between parents and friends. My advice would be to leave it as it is. It has more cons than pros.

  • is he european?

    • Man, I honestly don't need stupid comments like this from a guy who is terrible with women so I'm going to block you

    • Are you like a retard?

    • Not a clue, even if he does he will be too shy to ask you out because not only of age but more because he is your vet, and you are his client so you'll probably will need to make the first move

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  • Yeah it does sound like he likes you. It is possible for an older guy to fall for a younger girl like yourself. It's rare but possible. Most people immediately view it as creepy and disturbing but that's not always the case. But any situation like this would still have to be approached with caution. There are plenty of creeps out there too so you have to use common sense. And you would have to be open about this with your parents. It wouldn't be wise to see him without them knowing.

  • ur 16, if he's a qualified vet he's gotta be at least 5-6 years older than you... sounds like a paedo to me...

    • In Aus its legal to have sex with anyone 16 years and older, maybe it's different where you are from, and kind of strange to say when MANY people marry girls who are 10+ years younger than they are

  • he's thinking about sex.

    • First of all he is a guy so he is always thinking about sex. he probably likes you but not sure about that.

    • Lol!!!!

      do you think he likes me a little or a lot ??

      and how can you tell that he wants to have sex ??

      thanks :))

    • Of course with you. he thinks you are hot and is thinking about having sex with you.

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  • It means he really has the hots for you! Simple as that :-)

  • talk to him, make yourself approachable...

  • sounds like a weirdo! probably safe to stay away from this one

    • Really ?

      he has being like this 4 a while so does he like me or not lol ? - 17 hours ago

      -- yeah, he likes you, but he doesn't have the confidence to approach you. He probably doesn't know how to please you anyways, so better off finding someone better

    • Really ?

      he has being like this 4 a while so does he like me or not lol ?

  • talk to him, let him know that you are interested in him, he's just as confused as you are. he doesn't know if you like him so show him that you do!

  • I would have to ask how old this guy is? If he is older than 20, then he is a creep!

    • Kinda hard to say. He could real like, but then he could be a super creeper! I'm kinda leaning toward super creeper!

    • Yeh I totally agree !!!

      but deos he like me that's all I wanna know

      thanks btw

    • Yeah. I think he is still to old! I think you should try to find a guy that's about 25 or younger!

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  • he likes

    you should try and talk to him

  • hes def obsessed with you

  • He hates you.

    • LOL ^

    • Dude, nobody cares if you're a douche. keep it to yourself.

    • Douche bag alert

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  • o don't worry, he's just an awkward guy, he's shy and just can't think normally around you. you should be assertive and make the first move. he should be dumbstruck for awhile but once he gets relaxed, you could see his real personality

  • I bet he is into you...tell himyou want to get coffee or a drink.. and talk and get to know him better...

  • If its a trend

    He probably likes you

    Its the one thing we do a lot when we like someone

    Thanks for answering my question btw

  • His a shy guy. Like me.

    We tend to stare at girls we like haha. Sad but true.

    If you really like him. Get him out of his shell and talk to him.

  • lol! he must be into you (:

  • I've heard women believe when guys do that most times we're thinking of you naked and I'm not gonna lie sumtimes that's true lmao are we might be thinking of something more respectful like what we wanna say to you when we finally get the courage to talk or just daydreaming about you period

  • he simply likes you. he probably reeeeeaaally likes you. I don't know what you should do, if you should do anything at all. but if you are 16 years old and he is a vet, I guess that means there's a big age gap, maybe it's best to be a little careful.

  • i would say that he likes you. I don't go out of my way for many girls and it seems that he is just a little awkward around girls. if you sorta like him, give him a shot because that's all shy guys are looking for is a shot. trust me I'm shy and that's all I ever want is a shot because if they got to know me they would like me. so yea give him a shot

  • I think he likes you a lot. But don't worry, don't be scared of him.

    Some people are looking to you as if they are going to kiss you, but they don't know that. Personally, I'm the opposite, I find it hard to look someone in the eyes

  • well I know if he is an older gentlemen he is being flirty without being foward and perverted to keep him from getting in trouble he is probally thinking this girl is pretty and I wish we could be friends and hang out kinda depends on his situation if he's married or not.. you might remind him of an old girlfriend he use to have so when he looks at you .. you take him back to another time in his life that he was more happy.. that's my opinion based on the info you gave hope it helps

  • simple answer, chanses r, he likes u

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  • Well it seems to me like he really likes you. A guy can't make it anymore obvious, he is just too afriad to tell you.

  • it just means that he is interested in you

  • Wow .. okay so this is not weird to me at all because I, along with my other female classmates, experienced this from our 7th grade Algebra teacher. He'd go out his way to see if we needed help on problems and such.

    Bottom line, it means one of two things:

    1) He's just overly nice. The touchy-feely ridiculously nice type. Now-a-days people are generally so mean to the point to where we're not really used to these nice people existing in our everyday lives.

    and the second,

    2) He's a CREEP. Never go to the vet's office alone; TAKE YOUR PARENT.

    If the situation gets too bad, you might need to find another vet. Or better yet, have your parent take your pet to his office.

    I hope I've given you something to think about, lol.

    ( :

  • If he is looking at you that much and goes out of his way to get your attention and hold it then he is deffinetly into you. I say if your interestead in him too make a move and talk to him first and maybe go on a date. the best of luck to you.

  • He definitely likes you. But wait, how old is he? Your under 18, and he has a job. There's no doubt he's into you, just make sure it's not illegal before you make your move.

  • Lol well he likes for fer sure..and if not like like then he would like to date but there's not like nothing going on in his mind fer sure! well I think you should talk to him a lot more and ask him out to dinner or something along that lines :) and see were it goes from there :}

  • I would say that the signs point to him liking you, but there are fa few things to consider.

    You said he's your local vet, does that mean you're a client at his animal clinic (i.e. you bring your pets there), or is he just the local vet in your area? If you're a client, he might just be friendly because you're a client. For example, I'm a nurse, so when I talk to my clients, I always smile and am very friendly, I'll say their name to make them feel more at ease and more trusting of me, and if I see them outside my work environment, I'm still friendly because I don't want them to think that my friendliness is just an act.

    Also, some people are friendlier toward people depending on their upbringing or their culture.

    Have you noticed if acts similar to all women, or to you in particular?

  • Depending on the age gap and whether you two are potential partners for each other... considering he's a veterinarian and your profile says your 16... it's more than likely a fatherly or gentlemanly type thing.

    My local doctor does the same thing, goes out of his way to say hello, makes good eye contact etc... it's just because he remembers me from when I was scraping my knees climbing trees.

    And you've known each other for awhile so he's probably just admiring the charming young woman you've grown into being.

  • That's cute :) I think he liked you, but before asking him out or something make sure he doesn't have a family or something, that could be quite embarassing :P But otherwise, he's a gentleman :)

  • um. weird. pedo (kus ur underage haha x

    D ) hmm nah I think this is really weird...hmmm the persons up to sumthing...try asking o.0

  • How many years apart are you two? Are you sure it is a good idea to pursue a relationship? Oh, and by the way, unless he is just OVERLY friendly, he REALLY likes you. I wouldn't even worry about that. Just don't hide the fact that you like him back, or you will send a big boatload of mixed signals. Smile, stare and wave right back! Good luck, girl!

  • he most def likes you.

  • Talk to him it seems like he is shy but likes you maybe go out for coffee or something?

    • Okaay thanks for that !!!

      but how would I ask him out its jsut I'm really shy around him too because I like him aswell :P

  • He's interested alright. I don't know if it's just me but, if I don't like a guy, I wouldn't stare at him, period. If I want to be friendly, I'd say hi. Talk about everyday life. But never stare.

  • Um... I think that he just likes you. I mean youve known him for like 3 years. DO NOT be afraid of him. I'm actually impressed that he can do that. I would be completely afraid to do that. Just acknowledge that he likes you and be friendly.

  • intiate something... give him ur number, ask to go out for coffee. he could just be shy soo take control and if he really likes you he would def wanna hang out w u

  • He sure seems interested. Those are pretty obvious signs :]

  • He's into you. It seems like you get him nervous whenever you are around him, that's why he says your name repeatedly. But if he's too old, don't try to pursue it.

  • I think he is obsessed with you. What if you two gently talk about it? Otherwise you'll have the same problem with him for years..

    (unless you like him? then play game back!

    but if he is a local vet he is to old :D)

  • If he doesn't do this to anyone else then I would say he definitely likes u, no one goes out of the way to make that much eye contact etc unless they are interested in u...

  • it means he wants to talk to you(:

  • some guys don't like to say how they feel so they juzt show it..i think he has a thing for u..u should juzt let it keep going and see were it goez..it kould be a verry good thing...hoope this helpz..


  • Woah Woah Woah, I'm sorry but this is very wrong. You're 17 and I'm guessing this guy is at least 40. He probably figures he could sleep with you if he really wants too. (which means you're probably slutty). Sorry sweetie date someone your age but they all probably know you're slut too.

    • Okkaay

      so does he like me ?

    • Scratch slut. insert virgin.

    • What ??excuse me I'm not a slut and I'm not 17 I am 26 and he is 31 !!!! oh my god I am soo not a slut I was just asking for advice

  • i think he likes you. you should try to get to know him moree! btw take a look at my other questionn

  • he likes you. Isn't that obvious? That's all it means. he really finds you attactive.

  • Obviously everyone's different but I assume he is attracted to you. Usually staring means he is trying to take it all in. And using someone's name is usually an intimate gesture cause you want to hear the person's name coming out of your mouth and you want the person to hear you know their name, especially if you aren't too close to them. I also think he is waving to show you that he is going out of his way to notice you and make you notice him. If you want more confirmation that he likes you, look for things like him wanting to know more and more about your life or him being willing to listen to you complain or stuff like that. If he wants you to like him the way he likes you, he will do all that stuff to look like a good guy.

    I do have to say it is a tiny bit concerning that you might be 16 and he is a vet, meaning he is a little older. But only you are there so only you can say if his behavior is inappropriate based on the age gap. If it isn't and you like his attention, I would be just as nice back, smiling and waving, asking him about himself. If you feel uncomfortable with him liking you, for whatever reason, then I would just keep it friendly but also professional and not give him too much intimate detail.

    • No not really. Guys aren't like girls where they just try to be nice and friendly to all people. If they are overly friendly they usually are attracted. I can't promise you he will make a move but he sounds like he is at least attracted to you.

    • Do guys usually do this even if they don't like a girl ?

    • What do you mean by normal thing?

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  • erm if a guy stares at you for longer than a minute I think it is, he DOES like you, just speak to him if your scared.. guys do that a lot if they like youu, also it sounds stupid but check the positioning of the feet, if they are pointed towards you then he does like you... hope this helps... :)

    • Thank you !!

      yup it did and he stares at me for way more than a minute

  • He's probably really into you and is trying to get your attention, and trying to read your "body language" to see if you show any interest back. I would personally try and get to know him a little better, and if not just make it clear to him that all he's only a friend to you (just don't be mean about it) lol

  • I'm guessing you have an idea of what it could mean ;) ...if your into him let him know!

  • he's a veterinarian and you're under 18...

    well sounds like he is attracted to you, but if I were you I wouldn't make a move... if he asks you out, you can go and try to figure out more about him, maybe he's a really nice guy and he has a silly crush on you. BUT still he is an adult and for him to be really interested in a teenager I'd say its kinda rare. But it can happen! Anyway, if you have any inclination towards him you have to know him well first and size up his intentions, his character, and ponder things carefully.

    Hope this helps!

    • Hey

      yeh I know ,we have known each other for 3 years and he really knows a lot about me and he always helps me with my career { I want to be a veterinary nurse }it has been like this for a while doe ,the last time I saw him he was in his car and he looked up and noticed me and stared at me until I turned the corner and he alsoo made it really obvious because my friends even noticed this ,and we were talking the other day to the nurse that works with him and he said he hopes that I make it !

  • yeah he does like you a lot go for it

  • its clear he likes you I guess but obviously he's a bit shy or doesn't know how to step forward so maybe you should just talk to him about it and you never know ;)

  • I think he has a crush on you :P

  • hmmm, if he has always been this way then maybe he's just really a super nice person. Maybe he thinks you are sweet and cute. its hard to say with men now days. Id really start worrying if he starts winking and stuff like that. He's probalbly just being nice. You can't really call those things flirting. hope this helps

  • He likes you obviously lol. Ask him out! Unless he's married :( that would be bad.

  • haha he's got the hots for you. now all you have to do is ask him out casually. its been three years already, don't drag on anymore. good luck!

  • sounds like he has some sort of interest, which is really intense. What else could it possibly be? Maybe if you like him hint that you like back, if not then hope he stops?

  • well he's probably turned on alot;

    or likes you alot!

    you should make a move!

    kind of talk to him

  • is he older than u?

    cause I used to have older men like stare, go out their way to sau hi, even try and get close to touch me somehow, and its creepy. like a pedophile kinda deal ya know?

    but if he's around your age then he's probably trying to make it painfully obvious he likes u, or else he's just being real nice for some odd reason...

    so my advice.

    if he's older then just say hi and stay as far away as you can.

    if he's your age then go up and ask him straight up, one on one.

  • It means that he isn't attracted to you.

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