If a man stares at you a lot what does it mean?

he always stares at me for ages and when he sees me he says hello with a big smile and makes eye contact which seems like a long time .. when ever I talk to him he can't stop saying my name he said it six times in the space of ten minutes once and he always goes out of his way to wave at me when he is in his car ...what does this mean? this man is my local vet we know each other for 3 years !


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  • Could be a couple of things - Could mean he's in deep like with you lol , I don't know bout love, or he could have some other things on his mind. Seems a little obsessive but hey everybody has their own way of showing things. Id say he just like you alot.

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  • Personally I just think he is being friendly, anyone in that sort of job (were they have daily interactions with a lot of people) have to be able to come across as friendly. They also generally like to keep a good raport with the people they help. I think you're over analyzing since you like him, I've done the same thing many times. Personally the age thing would be a barrier... I know love conquers all and so on. But it's rare that a guy takes interest in someone so much younger than themselves... It would also create problems between parents and friends. My advice would be to leave it as it is. It has more cons than pros.

  • hey...if he stares at you then probably he is interested in you because I guess it's not like something very strange stare. Everything else you said just pointed out as a very casual things. And about saying ur name 6 times, that is actually funny. If you think that he is nice and decent guy and good for you then you can take ur chances. But if you have any doubts then just don't make any further move towards a relationship.

    be patient.

    take care

  • His a shy guy. Like me.

    We tend to stare at girls we like haha. Sad but true.

    If you really like him. Get him out of his shell and talk to him.

  • I've heard women believe when guys do that most times we're thinking of you naked and I'm not gonna lie sumtimes that's true lmao are we might be thinking of something more respectful like what we wanna say to you when we finally get the courage to talk or just daydreaming about you period

  • is he european?

    • Yup lol :)

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    • Are you like a retard?

    • Man, I honestly don't need stupid comments like this from a guy who is terrible with women so I'm going to block you

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  • Obviously everyone's different but I assume he is attracted to you. Usually staring means he is trying to take it all in. And using someone's name is usually an intimate gesture cause you want to hear the person's name coming out of your mouth and you want the person to hear you know their name, especially if you aren't too close to them. I also think he is waving to show you that he is going out of his way to notice you and make you notice him. If you want more confirmation that he likes you, look for things like him wanting to know more and more about your life or him being willing to listen to you complain or stuff like that. If he wants you to like him the way he likes you, he will do all that stuff to look like a good guy.

    I do have to say it is a tiny bit concerning that you might be 16 and he is a vet, meaning he is a little older. But only you are there so only you can say if his behavior is inappropriate based on the age gap. If it isn't and you like his attention, I would be just as nice back, smiling and waving, asking him about himself. If you feel uncomfortable with him liking you, for whatever reason, then I would just keep it friendly but also professional and not give him too much intimate detail.

    • Thanks for that :)

      yes he always ask me questions on my career choices and what classes I'm in and stuff I like does this mean he is interested in my life ?

      p.s you are really good at giving advice on stuff like this

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    • Do guys usually do this even if they don't like a girl ?

    • No not really. Guys aren't like girls where they just try to be nice and friendly to all people. If they are overly friendly they usually are attracted. I can't promise you he will make a move but he sounds like he is at least attracted to you.

  • I think he is obsessed with you. What if you two gently talk about it? Otherwise you'll have the same problem with him for years..

    (unless you like him? then play game back!

    but if he is a local vet he is to old :D)

  • I would say that the signs point to him liking you, but there are fa few things to consider.

    You said he's your local vet, does that mean you're a client at his animal clinic (i.e. you bring your pets there), or is he just the local vet in your area? If you're a client, he might just be friendly because you're a client. For example, I'm a nurse, so when I talk to my clients, I always smile and am very friendly, I'll say their name to make them feel more at ease and more trusting of me, and if I see them outside my work environment, I'm still friendly because I don't want them to think that my friendliness is just an act.

    Also, some people are friendlier toward people depending on their upbringing or their culture.

    Have you noticed if acts similar to all women, or to you in particular?

  • How many years apart are you two? Are you sure it is a good idea to pursue a relationship? Oh, and by the way, unless he is just OVERLY friendly, he REALLY likes you. I wouldn't even worry about that. Just don't hide the fact that you like him back, or you will send a big boatload of mixed signals. Smile, stare and wave right back! Good luck, girl!

  • intiate something... give him ur number, ask to go out for coffee. he could just be shy soo take control and if he really likes you he would def wanna hang out w u

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