How to get rid of the other girls?

Okay, my boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year. And no kidding every month for the past year another girl or ex girlfriend tries to talk to him and get him to leave me and just start drama. He has cheated on me before but he has stopped, but I just don't know how to bring myself to not get mad about all those girls that think they need to get involved. how do I get over it? ignore it? whatever.


Most Helpful Girl

  • UGH. I've been here before... and I'm sorry that its so annoying. Easiest way to get them to knock it off... is tell your boyfriend that you don't feel comfortable constantly having to defend your territory. USUAAlLY... bringing up ex boyfriends is a bad idea, but if you really want to p*ss them off, and make your point, you could always say INSERT EX'S NAME HERE Isn't always calling me to go out to dinner, or to break up with you... you don't have to deal with that. Don't make me deal with that. I'm not an overly jealous person, and I try to be respectful of your life... but you need to realize that SHE isn't an important part anymore, I am. So you better make it clear that you are not available... or I will. :] Don't ignore it, because it'll bother you... and girls have a tendancy to bottle up emotions, especially anger... and then just drop an atomic bomb on the guy's hearts... andd! then we don't even apologize for it, we make them do it... so unless you wanna get into that messy situation... don't hold it in. You deserve to feel confident in your relationship.