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How to tell if a guy is thinking about you when he's alone?

OK this guy has made it very clear that he is indeed attracted to me. We started talking and then one day he stops, he just stares and smiles. So... Show More

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  • the only way to know if he thinks about you is to talk to him...you will know immediately within 10 minutes of what he thinks about you based on your conversation...try talking about something you like talking about with him...if he likes you, he will try to following along...if he's nervous, this will be a sign, if he smiles, this will be a sign, if he looks at you, it will be a sign, if not, then he's nervous which still means he likes you, if he can't talk or his tone of voice changes, he likes you, if he seems off or clumsy, another sign, you'll start to feel butterflies or comfort during this episode...

    • Omg...he does all of that. Wow ok lol thank you for answering my question :]

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