Does he love me? Or am I just a convenience?

OK people, I have a question. I was seriously dating a guy for 2 long years. He loved me a lot and I literally used to be the center of his world. He’d call me all the time, want to be with me always and wanted to marry me. All my friends thought that he was madly in love with me. But things started to get a little suffocating for me because with all of the good things, he starting getting very possessive about me and won’t let me have a life other than him. He would get jealous of even me being with my girlfriends. I needed space from him so I broke up with him. I heard after the break up that he had a really bad time. But anyway I moved on. For six months, I was on my own and then finally started dating again but nothing serious. After like a year, I met my ex again somewhere and we instantly hit off again. Being back with him felt like the most amazing thing. I realized how much I missed being so loved. So, we started seeing each other again. After a few months though, when I... Show More