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Does he love me? Or am I just a convenience?

OK people, I have a question. I was seriously dating a guy for 2 long years. He loved me a lot and I literally used to be the center of his world.... Show More

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  • You dumped him, he got hurt, he's not going to risk it again with you, he has made a decision he's not interested in marriage, and his family is againt you. Just enjoy what you have maybe it will go somewhere or maybe it wont, he might be seeing someone else or planing to move on...

  • If he is picking money over you he is not a real man. It is clear you do not have a future with him. Why are you wasting your time? I think he may be using you for sex as payback for breaking up with him.

    • But we don't have sex often. Just once or twice a month, only when I want to have it. He never insists. So I know it's definitely not a sex thing. Also when I try to break all contact with him, he always comes back to patch things up saying that he loves me and will try to do something about our future.But its only a few times that's he's said that.

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    • Well maybe he needs to man-up and explain to his family that the break-up was brought on by his possessive behavior.

    • ...why are you asking for advice if you're just going to argue against all of it?

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