Does he love me? Or am I just a convenience?

OK people, I have a question. I was seriously dating a guy for 2 long years. He loved me a lot and I literally used to be the center of his world. He’d call me all the time, want to be with me always and wanted to marry me. All my friends thought that he was madly in love with me. But things started to get a little suffocating for me because with all of the good things, he starting getting very possessive about me and won’t let me have a life other than him. He would get jealous of even me being with my girlfriends. I needed space from him so I broke up with him. I heard after the break up that he had a really bad time. But anyway I moved on. For six months, I was on my own and then finally started dating again but nothing serious. After like a year, I met my ex again somewhere and we instantly hit off again. Being back with him felt like the most amazing thing. I realized how much I missed being so loved. So, we started seeing each other again. After a few months though, when I brought up marriage, he said that he can’t marry me anymore because after our break up his mom got all against me and now he has to marry some one of his family’s choice. He says he can’t do anything about it because whatever he is, whatever money he has, he has it because of his family so he can’t leave his parents. I got upset and didn’t see him for some time. But after a while, I started seeing him again though things are not as serious as before as he’s made it clear that we don’t have a future. We both are busy during the week and so don’t see of each other at all or talk much. But at the weekends, he always gives me a call and we spend the whole weekend together. I look forward to weekends because of him. He makes me happy. And I still very much love him. But it’s difficult to make out whether he still loves me or not. Maybe I am just convenient for him to spend his weekends with and have s** with. Would do you guys think? Does he love me? Why does he only call me now over the weekends when he wants to hangout with me? I need to know what to do. Especially when he told me that we can’t get married. Please advise.


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  • You dumped him, he got hurt, he's not going to risk it again with you, he has made a decision he's not interested in marriage, and his family is againt you. Just enjoy what you have maybe it will go somewhere or maybe it wont, he might be seeing someone else or planing to move on...

  • If he is picking money over you he is not a real man. It is clear you do not have a future with him. Why are you wasting your time? I think he may be using you for sex as payback for breaking up with him.

    • But we don't have sex often. Just once or twice a month, only when I want to have it. He never insists. So I know it's definitely not a sex thing. Also when I try to break all contact with him, he always comes back to patch things up saying that he loves me and will try to do something about our future.But its only a few times that's he's said that.

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    • Well maybe he needs to man-up and explain to his family that the break-up was brought on by his possessive behavior.

    • ...why are you asking for advice if you're just going to argue against all of it?

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  • Hey girl I think you need to man up and hear what exactly he wants to say... he clearly told you that he can't marry you right? Soo now maybe he's doing that because he just wants to hangout with someone... I personally think its the best thing of you ask him again if he can't end up with yoh!! If he says he can't... then tell him that you Have to stay away from him because you started falling for him and before things gets too serious, you need to stay away... and see what he has to say, probably he'll change his mind... but if he sticks to the I can't marry you part... I think its best for you to move on... don't waste your time... the more you think about it the more itll hurt