Why does he text me if he has a girlfriend?

I have a male friend that I text with. Sometimes many times a day, sometimes just a few times. Sometimes we call. We've been doing this for over a year now... anyways, I recently found out he has a girlfriend - that I wasn't aware of. Yet we still text daily. I can't figure out why and how we can be like this when he has a girlfriend. He claims not to have feelings for me... can we really just be friends like this? Do guys text their female friends daily? any insight, guys? girls?


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  • Yeah sometimes just to see what's going on I can relate with girls pretty well and talk to them I just enjoy it sometimes depends on the mood so I would sometimes text my female friends just for the fuk of it or sometimes they come to me for some help if they are in a very sad mood I would try to have sex with them because I care about them and can't control it sometimes haha

    • There's no free favors for me I'll help any girl out but in return if I need anything they have to give up something

What Girls Said 1

  • Its possible you two are just friends, think about what topics you talk about. If its not too personal, flirty or sexual then its platonic
    he may not have ever brought up having a gf because if you're not trying to make a pass then its irrelevant