Is he scared to lose me?

Well howdy my second question about a guy.

I used to write text messages to this guy that I used to like, almost everyday or every other day he talked pretty often, but then all of the sudden he stopped replying to my messages or would reply like in an hour or something. So then after a while I stopped texting him at all, and he did to, and I still till this day didn't write to him, but all of the sudden he started text messaging me so I would reply as usual, and when we end, I still don't start anything first, so sometimes I feel that when he's bored he just text me, what should I do should I continue just replying to his messages or I shouldn't reply at all? help me out guys and girls.


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  • Um, I'd just call him and ask to hang out. It's easier to tell if someone's interested when you're face to face with them. Or just flat out ask him why he texts you sporadically.

    • What if I tried that, but he always saying that he made plans already, what is that mean?

    • Hm. Kind of sounds like he's just texting you because he's bored. Doesn't mean he's uninterested, but doesn't sound like he's head over heels either. The next time he texts you text him back and tell him to not text you anymore unless he's texting to find out when you can hang out- and really don't respond until he asks! I'd just be done with him and invest my time in someone who isn't too busy to see me. Good luck, hun!


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  • The next time he sends you a text message, send him one asking him what's up. Ask him what happened to the daily stuff and if he is too busy, or found someone else. He may hedge. He may delay answering until he figures out how. My sense is he texts you when he gets lonely, whether he is too busy otherwise, or with someone else, I'm not sure.


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  • I am assuming that the only relationship you had with guy is a text message. Yes, I would

    think that when he is a little bored and says, whatever, why not? he texts you again. Don't

    bet on him. Life is too short. Go enjoy! Good luck!