Why do women always say they want a Confident man?

women say they want a man brimming with confidence, but when a decent nice guy works up the courage to approach a woman, 9 times out of 10, she does something to bruise his ego? esp when she is with her cluster of friends. why ask for confidence if all you want to do is bring him down, then later when she has issues with the "ego-maniac" she has the nerve to complain that men are pig? WTF?


Most Helpful Guy

  • women want a man who don't care what they think of him. In other words, women are attracted to masculine traits, 'jerkish' behavior, so as much the 'alpha male' because the woman is just as nervous as you are about what you think of them.

    confidence is attractive to women, but over-arching 'neediness' or 'approval' is a HUGE TURN OFF for women.

    Women need men to act as a guide in life, and bash me all you want, but its true because it dates back to evolutionary times when women depended on men for survival. needy men, in womens minds', come across as weak-insecure and de-classify their status as women in the social strata.

    women are fiercely competitive with other women, and fight tooth and nail for the best man.

    Stop kissing womens' asses, stop putting them on pedestals, they don't deserve to be worshipped, or given such admiration because of their beauty. Look at retards like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, there are millions of girls like them because they lack intellectual reasoning because they don't have to suffer the consequences of their decisions, they are too rich. Women shit, smell and stink just like men do, and don't worry too much what they think of you, just be a man and don't give in to all the excessive internal thinking about 'what she thinks of me'