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Hair on the vagina?

do guys like hair on the vagina? would you rather want a shaved one or hairy one?

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  • Well I think keeping everything neat and tidy down there is important but no hair at all, isn't that just screaming "this guy is into pre pubesent look" disturbingly! Hair is normal, he has it around his dick we have it around our vaginas. As long is its not like searching for Gorillas in the mist!

    • I'm not sure about "pre-pubescent". a bare vagina to me conjures up images of strippers and porn models - and to me that's not natural. At least when a girl shaves hers it looks more natural than when a guy does it as a guy tends to be hairy on their tummy and legs too, so it just looks ridiculous!

What Guys Said 4

  • Bald. shaved. Whatever you wana call it.

  • I like hair. Not a bush, though. I'm not shaved, and I'm not going to shave. Had a bad experience, and I'm happy it's over. Anyway, since I'm not going bald, I wouldn't want to cause her discomfort by my pubes scratching her skin.

  • I certainly prefer girls to have hair around the vagina. To me pubic hair is sexy, especially trimmed, but a bare vagina doesn't seem natural.

  • Shaved all the way, or at least trimmed.

What Girls Said 5

  • all guys I know prefer shaved, or landing stripe or whatever you call it !

  • I wax it and every guy I've been with has loved it. I've heard a few horror stories about hairy exes. I think that guys really don't like going down on a hairy pussy.

  • I don't think guys like a lot of hair down there, for me its got to be all gone I find if I have hair or any girl dose its a turn off, or for me Embarrassing.

  • Waxed. most like it smooth

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