Why do men say I don't care so much?

do men really not care?


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  • yeah some specification would be nice.. in general, guys care much less often about certain things that tend to drive women crazy. On the other aspects they care just as much but they think that showing and talking about their feelings is not masculine enough

    • So "things" and "emotions" are different when a guy says he doesn't care. That helps alot.

      my specific is that I was stating an opinion about how I felt about something ( not to do with either one of us?) I also wonder if body language and tone of voice along with the I don't care comment has me perplexed. I made a wise crack after saying "I have that effect on men." he got up and left. I'm not a serious person until I get to know you.

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  • About what?

  • It depends on what there are plenty I don't care about but plenty I do.

  • Depends on what we're talking about.


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  • about what? they care very much about some things...