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Do girls want a boyfriend who is a gentleman?

Girls we all know gentleman are great, but is it a gentleman that your hearts warm to? if so what qualities must he have to do this?

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  • My opinion is that a multi-dimensional man is ideal. He has a suggestive, dirty streak, but he is also confident, mature, and humorous. To top it off, when he's a gentleman and does small things like open the door for me, offer to pay once in a while for stuff, or just portray that comforting man who can provide security, that is what warms my heart. When it's unexpected, especially if he isn't that way to all girls. Sure, its important to respect all girls worthy of respect, but to really go the extra mile is extremely heartwarming :) It's all about the thought and how you show it.

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  • I prefer someone in between. I like a guy who is confident and has a tough exterior but who is gentle to me.

  • I think girls do prefer a gentleman but not the all sweet mr.perfect. jst be yourself. it is true that girls notice the really little things you do. such as opening the door for her, or making sure she is ne'er walking behind u. it is also true that girls seem to hav a thing for badasses but thts bcos there is a thrill to the relationship. when a guy is all sweet and perfect, her feelings may b easily swayed cos everyone likes a challenge. I think when girls say "gentleman", they really jst mean a guy who would look out for her, and is considerate of her prescence. joke with her, laugh with her and tease her bcos every girl loves a guy with a good sense if humor

  • well, if I a guy is a gentlemen that can be nice but I think girls perfer someone that is more exciting and dangerous so in a relationship there is more spontanious and craziness to make it fun. hope this helps!

  • Yes, gentlemen are the types of guys girls like and want to date, at least it is that way for me. If he wants to be a gentleman, he needs to be very polite to her, show he cares for her/interested in her, compliment her, and make her feel special. Open doors for her, be nice to her, etc... hope that helps.

  • Speaking from experience as I'm only a little bit older than you, girls do grow out of the bad boy phase. We eventually get tired of having blokes who just mess us around etc etc...

    A gentleman however is the perfect tonic for this and believe me once you've had a lovely old fashioned bloke look after you, there's no way you'd want some silly immature player messing you around afterward. So a gent every time please.

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